Porvoo/Borgå – My Beautiful Home Town

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I’ve posted some wintry photos of my home town in the past but it’s in summer that the town really comes alive and shows off its beauty. During my 7-week stay this summer I’ve taken a bunch of photos of Old Borgå that I thought I’d share here with you as well!

First a bit of history. Borgå is Finland’s second oldest town, founded in 1346 and one of Finland’s 6 medieval towns. Borgå was badly destroyed by fire in 1760 and the place where the first Diet of Finland was convened. Around 700 people live in the Old Borgå area today.

The red shore houses that are so characteristic for the town were painted with red ochre and used to store exotic fruits, spices, tobacco, wines and coffee. Most of the houses are used as private living quarters and storage space, but e.g. the restaurants Johans and Fryysarinranta are located in the shore houses – both very nice if you’re ever in town 🙂

Another famous landmark is the cathedral that was built in the 15th century (although the oldest parts date back to the 13th century). The cathedral was originally made of wood and has been destroyed by fire on several occasions – in 2006 the outer roof collapsed after arson.

The colourful wooden houses, the maze of cobbled streets and the river flowing slowly through the heart of the town give Borgå its unique ambience. Hope my photos convey some of this atmosphere 🙂

gamlastanborgåoldbridgeporvoocobbledstreetsedelfelthousecathedralgreenyellowopenraatimiehentorisquinthouseoldyardhobbithousecold prettycar founded morered redhouses porvooriver warehouseshappybaby

Pretty, isn’t it?

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