Pregnancy Photos from Week 35

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35 weeks pregnant

Today it’s exactly one month to go until the due date, exciting! These photos were taken last Sunday, after 1 hour’s sleep and 8 hours of travelling, hence the extremely tired face without makeup…Hope it won’t give you nightmares. 

It still looks like it’s only my belly that has grown, and everyone keeps saying that I don’t look pregnant – apart from the belly of course. My belly is definitely in the way now, and turning in bed, getting up from the sofa and putting shoes on takes a fair bit of effort and leaves me breathless like a very old lady. Not to mention cutting my toenails that I only managed to do after a great deal of huffing and puffing since Matthew wouldn’t cut them for me…

The longer into the pregnancy I get the more the baby seems to move around. At 35 weeks it feels like she doesn’t sleep at all during the day – she’s too busy squirming, kicking, punching and hiccuping. She also seems to wake up when I wake up and  she responds immediately when I touch the belly, which I guess is some sort of first communication. At times she’s moving around non-stop for hours on end, which can be a bit uncomfortable and tiring, but at least I never have to be worried about there not being enough movement!

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