Preparing For Take-Off

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On Thursday Lana’s about to get on her 13th flight, to Finland via Stockholm once again. The last two weeks before our month-long visit to the land of Santa have been full of activities and unfortunately also full of snot, sneezes and teething pain 🙁 Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Poor little Lana has experienced her first proper cold at the same time as her two top teeth are coming through. Needless to say it has meant even less sleep for me… Matthew on the other hand has moved to the living room so he can sleep undisturbed.


A couple of Saturdays ago we took part in a guided tour of Edinburgh Old Town – but didn’t finish it as it was incredibly cold and we hadn’t dressed appropriately. Instead we found a nice warm fire in Under the Stairs – one of the cosiest bars in Edinburgh!


The following Sunday we attended the Finnish school at St Stephens Centre. There were kids of all ages, also in Lana’s age which she very much enjoyed. We sang Finnish children’s songs with the smaller kids – although Lana was so excited that she just wouldn’t stay still for one second. She kept crawling around saying hi to and grabbing the other babies, trying to grab the book we were singing from, trying to escape and just being her loud self. At one point I just had to lift her up and calm her down as she was so hyper! We were supposed to go to the Finnish Christmas event the past Sunday, but that’s when Lana came down with a cold so had to skip it.


On Monday we had lunch with a friend at the Pantry – and as you can see Lana loves having girly lunches 🙂


The Pantry doesn’t only have great food but also a play area – which might possibly have been where she picked up the cold…

On Tuesday we met up with another friend and her baby to go to the Christmas market. This year it was even bigger than before, but didn’t buy anything apart from some sweet stuff…


Afterwards we had lunch at Cafe Rouge – and actually got the whole thing for free as we complained! Can’t complain about that 😀


On Wednesday Lana attended her first funeral as, sadly, Matthew’s auntie passed away. (The picture has nothing to do with the funeral.) I had to take Lana into the back room shortly after the ceremony started though, as she decided to start talking in a loud voice. I could still hear the beautiful ceremony through loudspeakers though.


I’ve also been busy knitting 4 hats, it’s just so difficult to stop once you’ve started!  Just started my first mitten yesterday, hoping I’ll be able to work out how to finish it too.


Lana rarely lets me do anything without kindly offering her help or her moral support, and doing the laundry is something she very much enjoys as you can see.


In order to sometimes get a few minutes to myself I have to admit that I’m a bad parent and let her watch baby youtube stuff and the Moomins on my laptop…In Swedish of course, to develop her language! It’s amazing how well she can focus, up to 30 min :O


On Thursday late afternoon I had a drink with a friend whilst Lana kept flirting with the staff and eventually turning into a squirmy worm. On Friday evening we were invited for dinner at our friends’ place, and what a nice dinner it was! This is a beetroot and smoked mackerel starter.


Santa came early on Saturday morning – in the shape of Matthew’s sister 🙂 This cute red coat and an elf outfit were in Santa’s sack, among other cute things!


We then headed to Hopetoun House for another Christmas fair – the settings were amazing but it was a little bit too crowded for my liking.


After the market we headed to South Queensferry for a late lunch – and there’s only one thing you can have when you’re by the sea: fish & chips of course!


I finally got to see the Forth Rail Bridge up close – too bad the camera I had with me wasn’t the best.


We even got a rare family picture in the dusk. Will need to go back when the weather is nicer and it’s less dark!

I’m excited to go to Finland and get this Christmas season started once and for all! Please, please let there be snow! Just not looking forward to flying alone with Lana again, she’s getting pretty heavy. I’m secretly hoping her cold will calm her down a little bit though…

x Nina x