Project Painting Fridge

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First of all, this is Matthew’s project and I haven’t lifted a single finger to help him for once! It was his idea, he went and bought the paint when I was having some me-time and he painted the fridge too. I’m just sharing this with the world 🙂

This is the paint he used – a black magnetic chalkboard paint that you can use of walls, wood and other surfaces.

The fridge we have is quite an old one I think – left behind by the previous owners. It’s a boring grey and nothing special really (I’m secretly hoping it’ll break so that we can get a new one…)

So what Matthew did was to sand the surface so that the paint would stick better. Not sure if it actually made a difference as the paint seems to have stuck pretty well everywhere!

The finish is matte and feels a bit rough when you touch it.

Just make sure you let the paint dry enough – we didn’t and just put the magnets on the fridge which caused a few of them to stick and leave a mark…

I found it difficult to believe that you could actually wipe the surface clean without any of the colour coming off, but I can assure you that you can!

And here’s Lana testing her new “toy” – judging by the disbelief in her eyes it felt a bit odd drawing on furniture. I really hope she won’t think it’s ok to draw on walls and other furniture now…

x Nina x

PS. I really need to practice drawing Moomintroll – definitely not good enough for a Moomin-loving Swedish-speaking Finn!