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Random Ramblings

Our wonky fake Christmas tree is up and has found its perfect spot in the living room. Lana was a huge help (read: hindrance) when decorating the tree and has already destroyed several baubles…I’m hoping she’ll lose interest in our poor tree soon!


I couldn’t resist buying a new set of baubles – mostly because they were called ‘Helsinki’ 🙂


Today my nephew and our Godson turns two! (He looks so much like my twin brother when he was little that it’s almost scary :)) Can’t wait to squeeze him in a few weeks’ time! <3


I’ve finally started my modelling career at the mature age of 33 😀 The person who saw the potential in me was the lovely owner of Dunmore Scotland – a small local business that sells handmade Scottish bags. There was also another, even more mature lady, doing the shoot with me. But I’ll tell you more about the whole thing when I get the photos!


Afterwards I met up with Minty who was looking after Lana – they were patiently waiting by the carousel for me to come and watch the buggy so they could go on a ride 🙂


It was both Lana’s and Minty’s first time on a merry-go-round – and both girls loved it! After the ride Lana saw another kid getting into “her” teacup and got really angry…(She obviously owns it having been in it once.) Toddler logic aarggh!


Last week I was supposed to do a vegan week with my friend Zain…She’s interested in becoming vegan and I thought it was a good time to try it out as well and see where it led to. I planned all my dinners and thought I was well prepared and that it would be a walk in the park…but I didn’t realise how difficult it was going to be to think about everything I put in my mouth – which resulted in me having a quinoa salad with feta in it on the first day. And I didn’t even realise it until the following day haha. The next day I finished Lana’s yoghurt, again without thinking…I think Wednesday was the only fully vegan day I had – that’s when I made the aubergine involtini stuffed with a spinach and tofu mixture in the photo above. Delicious!

malmaison edinburgh

On Thursday night I went to a blogger event at the Malmaison Edinburgh with my friend Olli, and whilst I was explaining to her how I’m trying to go vegan for a week I happily tucked into a goat’s cheese salad canapé…What a moron! Well I still kept going until Friday evening when I couldn’t resist having my usual pizza…Followed by milk chocolate…Oops! After this experiment I have even more respect for vegans and can say that I won’t be going vegan in the near future. What I want to do though is to have even more vegan dinners during the week and cut down on cheese. ‘Hiljaa hyvää tulee’ as you would say in Finnish 🙂


By now you might’ve noticed that there’s no real theme to this blog post, so last but not least here’s something I’m so proud of: my herb plants! I couldn’t believe it when they actually started growing only a few days after planting the seeds. It’s supposed to be basil, chives and rocket but to me all plants look the same…Hmm will have to wait and see!

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to go up to 15 degrees – that’s the mental Scottish weather right there for you!

x Nina x

PS. Happy 99th Finnish Independence Day!

Nina Äikäs

I’m a Swedish-speaking Finn who left Finland for the lovely and thrilling London town in 2011, but after meeting an equally lovely and thrilling Scotsman I somehow now find myself in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. In February 2015 our gorgeous little girl arrived and made us a happy family of three. Follow my blog and get to know us!

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