Restoration Yard & the Best Shop Ever

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Last Saturday Matthew’s sister picked us up in the morning and we headed to the 1000-acre big Dalkeith Country Park for a nice day out in the countryside. I was also looking forward to exploring the newly opened Restoration Yard – a new retail, food, drink and wellbeing space in the park’s old stableyard. I had heard good things about the shop but was still amazed by how nice it was (and the prices weren’t too bad either). It was so nice that I took around a million photos!

The gift shop is stunning both when it comes to the old stable interiors and the items for sale. There’s also a delicatessen with a cafe where you can have coffee, cakes and a light lunch. The scones looked delicious and I managed to find some Finnish design in the form of Marimekko napkins there! In the building next door you’ll also find a restaurant called the Restoration Cafe that serves fresh and seasonal Scottish produce and overlooks the brand spanking new Fort Douglas adventure park for children.

The stableyard was beautifully landscaped and everything just looked brand new and perfect. We were told off for walking on the lawn, so seems like they really want to keep it looking new as well!

Unfortunately the furniture loft wasn’t open yet – but that’s just a good reason to go back once we’ve moved into our new crib! The loft will also hold the Wellbeing Lab offering a range of activities focused on mindfulness, health and wellbeing. Here are “a few” of my photos that will make you want to go shopping!

atthegates sisandbro flower dalkeithrestorationyard restorationyardlandscapingoldstables shop yellowwall candles soap restorationyardshop lovelyshop lamps prettyfloors choppingwood formen restorationyardinteriorsshop matches babytent hugs womensclothes furnitureloft foodshop marimekko delicatessenrestorationyard hearts resorationyardcafe

This is a great development that I’m sure will attract even more visitors to the already popular country park. Around 50 new jobs have been created as well, which is a really good thing for the local community.

I actually didn’t buy anything (this time) because shopping with Lana isn’t exactly stress-free having to make sure she doesn’t break anything…She did found herself a new friend though and Matthew found a nice jacket – until he realised he was shopping in the women’s department haha.

x Nina x