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I’ve mentioned that I had a fun work event I had to attend when my parents were visiting, and I’ve finally managed to put together a blog post about it – with quite a few photos so you’ve been warned…Couldn’t help myself as the venue, Rock House in the photo above, is just too stunning! 

The event in question was an InstaMeet that I’ve helped to organise. (An InstaMeet is basically a meet-up where instagrammers with a common interest get together to take photos and share them on Instagram.) The company I work for, Dickins Edinburgh, rents out the historical Rock House on Calton Hill in central Edinburgh that served as the venue. We invited a bunch of people for a brunch at the house, hoping that they would share as many photos as possible with their followers in order to promote Rock House as a holiday let.

Rock House was built in 1765 and has been refurbished in 2015 by the new owners, interior designer Jonathan Reed and fashion designer Graeme Black. They’ve done an excellent job, preserving the atmosphere and feel of the house whilst making it luxurious and comfortable. You’ll see what I mean if you scroll down – even more so if you’re into interior design!


If you live or have visited Edinburgh you might recognise this mysterious gate on the way up to Calton Hill. It’s where you enter Rock House.


Luckily it was a sunny day – a lot nicer to take photos when it’s not raining!


Rock House is where chemist and pioneer photographer Robert Adamson and artist David Octavius Hill lived and worked in. They were a great team and you can’t really talk about the history of photography without mentioning these two. Rock House could even be labelled as one of the most important address in the history of photography!


It’s hard to believe that the main shopping street, Princes street, is only a 2-minute walk away!


You’ve got unrivalled views of the Dugald Monument on Calton Hill.


You can see the monument even better from the private back garden.


One of the instagrammers brought this old school camera that Adamson and Hill would’ve been proud to have in their house.


And finally we get to the amazing buffet provided by Appetite Direct – needless to say quite a few photos were taken of this table!


Mmm, cheese…


The smoked salmon was really popular too.


Vino Wines provided the guests with delicious bellinis (think that’s my new favourite drink!)


The guests mingling whilst tucking in.


The kitchen sink is so beautiful, as are the shelves and the china.


I didn’t get a photo of the living room, so this is from the Dickins website. Cosy isn’t it?!


The colours throughout the house are just stunning. The wallpapers are all by William Morris.


Can’t remember if it’s the first or last window pane that used to be signed by the glazier in the olden days. This signature is pretty damn old!


Rock House has been divided into two apartments that are both let by Dickins; Rock House that sleeps 8 and the Terrace Apartment that you enter from the terrace where the fountain is and sleeps 4 people.


The living room in the Terrace Apartment is pretty cosy as well. I can assure you that those sofas are just as comfy as they look.


The master bedroom.


The white building you see is the Photographer’s Studio that was built in 2000 and sleeps 2 people. It’s such a romantic wee place!


The master bedroom in the studio.


Walk up the beautifully made stairs and…


…step into this gorgeous hexagonal room that has been executed in such a genius way.


The kitchen units and the TV can be hidden away behind bi-fold doors.


And you’ve got your own fireplace here as well of course.


After two hours of mingling, sampling the buffet and sipping bellinis and photographing every nook and cranny of Rock House it was time for the guests to be treated to a photo tour of Edinburgh by Iconic Tours – but that will be another post!

x Nina x