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Hi guys, it’s been a while! We basically dedicated a whole week to experiencing what it’s like when the whole family has a stomach bug and then the following week I’ve just been lacking energy to write. And then when I finally do decide to blog I discover my website has also gotten ill with a grave error. But that’s fixed now thank god!

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We’ve been having a lot more sunny days and the streets here in Helsinki are snow-free – which is nice when you’re pushing a buggy. It’s lovely to feel the sun on my face again but I wouldn’t mind if there was more snow still! Lana thinks that if the sun is shining it’s warm outside and that all she needs to wear is a dress haha. I’ve tried explaining that it can be cold even though the sun is shining to her many times but she just doesn’t listen…

Maya has reached some sort of a tantrum age where she throws herself on the floor and starts crying immediately if things don’t go her way. We have these mini-tantrums probably 50 times per day at the moment…Fun times. The rest of the time she’s being really cute though and saying many new words and singing her first songs. A favourite word is “mine”, and she thinks it’s hilarious when she holds something to her chest and says “mine” and I try to take it from her. The first song we suddenly realised she was singing was the lovely “Mummy finger, mummy finger, where are you…”. Love that tune, not annoying at all. Now she also sings “Head shoulders knees and toes” and it is so adorable! She eats really well with a spoon now too, and says “kakka” every time she does a poo in her nappy. The things that make you proud as a parent of a toddler haha!

Maya still has some bad nights but overall she is sleeping a lot better and doesn’t cry and get up that much anymore – she mainly just lets out cries as if she was having a nightmare or is moving around in her bed. Often she stands up and reaches out for a new dummy on my bedside table and then continues sleeping. All in all we can conclude that putting an end to nightly feeds helped!

A few friends have recently had babies and I just can’t even look at them without my baby fever making itself known with full force. Same when I see a baby on TV or a random baby in the shop. I’ve felt this way pretty much since Maya was born and wondering if it’s all because Matthew is adamant he doesn’t want more kids?? I mean, I don’t want to be pregnant all over again and make life more complicated and busy either, but still the thought of never having a baby again feels sad and I am not yet ok with that thought. Maybe it’s all hormones, who knows?!

We visited a dry salt therapy room for kids the other week. Salty Fun claims to be the only salt room for kids in Finland and is located in Espoo, a 20-minute car journey from Helsinki. Salt is very good for you, both in a wet and dry form. Wet salt therapy is e.g. when you use a saline nasal spray or gargle with salt water when you have a sore throat. Dry salt therapy or halotherapy is even more powerful because of the absorbent characteristic of salt. When you inhale salt it acts like a sponge, which attracts and pulls out the mucous, allergens and foreign substances that get trapped in the respiratory system. Getting rid of all the bad stuff means you are less likely to get e.g. a cold. The dry salt also absorbs impurities and provides anti-bacterial properties that benefit the skin with acne, psoriasis or eczema.

There are three primary characteristics of pure NaCl, known as salt:

  1. It is very absorbent (especially when it is dry)
  2. It is anti-bacterial
  3. It is anti-inflammatory

Children’s respiratory system isn’t fully developed until the age of nine and they have a larger lung surface area in relation to their body weight than adults. This means salt therapy works even better on kids and that a weekly visit or two can really help your child stay healthy.

The therapy room is basically a room filled with salt and toys where the kids can roam free. There is also a salt generator that fills the air with salt and makes your lips taste slightly salty and the air a bit hazy. The physical salt in itself doesn’t do much, it’s the tiny salt particles in the air which do all the work. There is a really good selection of toys and games and chilling out areas too and Maya and Lana kept themselves busy for the 45-minute session so Matthew and I could just chill. Amazing. The salt room is worth a visit for that reason alone!

The first session is free, so if you live nearby do book a session and give it a go!

Maya is a bit snotty and kept me awake quite a bit last night, so think I will need an early night tonight and hope she lets me catch up on my sleep. Have a great week everyone!

x Nina x