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Advocate's Close Edinburgh Old Town

Hello from a very rainy Edinburgh! We’ve just come home from a little shopping spree on Princes Street, completely soaked. Matthew’s going to Lisbon for a week with the lads, so he needed some summer clothes, and we didn’t come home empty handed. I might’ve also bought myself a little something…:)

But first I have some photos from last weekend, that was way nicer, and we (including Matthew’s poor little fat foot) even managed to catch a few of those rare sun rays:


Nothing says summer as watermelon does – love it!


Last Saturday was the first day this year I didn’t have to cover my legs with tights, plus I got to wear my new (second hand) dress! What do you think?


The puking frog accompanied us in Matthew’s parents garden – the sound of water is just so soothing.


Last weekend Matthew took his first steps after the accident. (After his doctor told him he just has to start walking although it hurts – which I have been saying all along…)


This was him the week before, during one of his darkest moments…So you can see how much he’s improved!


We’ve had some great sunsets this week. I really like having a proper view when looking out the window! That “castle” you can see in the horizon is Fettes College where Tony Blair studied – very impressive building.

Sunset over Stockbridge Edinburgh

Ok, back to this weekend. This Adidas vest came home with us (where I had to try it on…might have to borrow it and wear it as a dress…)


We tried to find some trainers for Matthew, but it’s not so easy when the shoes he’s after don’t seem to exist. (This is not the first time I’ve been trainer shopping with M without success…And probably not the last either!)


I was after comfy summer shoes, and found just what I was looking for – these babies!


When we got home, this very stylish wedding invitation for my second oldest brother’s wedding this summer was waiting for us (I have a feeling it’s the wife-to-be who’s behind the invite…No offense!) I should actually be at my uni friend’s wedding in Helsinki today, but unfortunately couldn’t make it 🙁 The weather in Helsinki should be quite nice today, so I hope they have a truly memorable wedding day!! <3

Black and white wedding invitation

Tonight will be another quiet one (not going out in the rain again!), with burgers, sweet potato chips and perhaps the final of Britain’s Got Talent…Have a good Saturday night everyone!

x Nina x