Saturday Stroll Through The Canongate

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The plan this morning was to take Lana to the Science Museum in Glasgow, but after having checked the weather we decided there were way too many raindrops in the forecast. Instead we headed out to explore the historical Canongate area here in Edinburgh. I’m really enjoying (re)discovering the city, partly inspired by my job where I have to be clued in on what’s going on in Edinburgh! Here are some of the photos I took with my phone since I forgot to bring the damn camera…


The Canongate area takes its name from the main street called Canongate – which is the lower half of the Royal Mile in the Old Town. There are many notable buildings along the street, and so many interesting details everywhere!


One detail is this inscription on the wall that I have no more information about unfortunately.


We also came across this souvenir shop with a pun for a name. Had to read it out loud before I got it! Do you? 🙂


The historic Canongate Tolbooth was built in 1591 and is now occupied by the People’s Story Museum. A “tolbooth” usually provided a council meeting chamber, a court house and a jail, and like so many buildings in Edinburgh this one’s supposed to be haunted too…


One of the many small alleyways leading off the Canongate. It would be a nice project to photograph them all one day…


Need to pay the Museum of Edinburgh a visit soon as I’ve never been. Quite like the fact that the woman’s coat is the same colour as the building 🙂


The Canongate Kirk was founded in 1688 and is where the Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips, was married in 2011. There’s a lot more history to the church than that though, but you’ll have to read up on that yourself!


A red door and some white cherry blossom on the church yard.


Outside the church you’ll find this chap – Scottish poet Robert Fergusson. This  is a very popular statue to photograph, especially during cherry blossom season.


Further down the street is the pretty Dunbar’s Close Garden that is easy to walk past as it’s a bit hidden away.



The Scottish Parliament Building is an interesting one architecturally and needs some further exploration on another occasion!


Another cute close: the White Horse Close.


A closer look at the picturesque buildings.


At the end of Canongate and the Royal Mile is Holyrood Palace – the Queen’s official Scottish residence. It started raining when we got to the Palace so didn’t get a chance to take photos. I’d like to visit with more time anyway. Arthur’s Seat also comes into view when you reach the end of the mile.


We took refuge in Hemma and waited for the rain to pass whilst having a Swedish cider and some food.


We would’ve just walked past this little library had Lana not ran inside. It’s the Scottish Poetry Library and it’s a nice quiet place right next to the busy Royal Mile. Lana instantly found a cat that she didn’t want to leave behind.


We started walking back up along the Royal Mile and decided to take a closer look at the graveyard next to Canongate Kirk.


Lana seems to like flowers, and is always picking them and bringing them to mamma and pappa, all squished in her wee hands <3

Before we knew it we had to start heading home so Matthew could catch the VERY important ManU game…How was your Saturday?

x Nina x