A Saturday of Me-Time and Indulgence

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Just thought I’ll stop by quickly to tell you about my fun Saturday. For the third weekend in a row I’ve managed to get some me-time – and I’m feeling great about it! Might make a weekly tradition out of this 🙂 

My friend Zain and I are huge fans of chocolate, so we obviously had to check out the Scottish Chocolate Festival at the Biscuit Factory!

Once there we realised that in the two years that we’ve known each other we’ve never met up without our kids! So we had to take a selfie (or 20) to remember this day 🙂 We need to do this more often!

Have to admit we were a bit underwhelmed by the festival – not many stalls at all and definitely not enough chocolate. Nothing really that would’ve justified charging people to enter. Apparently a lot of people have complained, wanting their money back – resulting in the event Facebook page being deleted by the organisers! Not cool at all.

We did have some vegan raw cakes though, but then concentrated on taking some photos of my new coat instead…I’ll blog about it soon 🙂

We left the festival and went to Portugese cafe Casa Amiga on Leith Walk for a coffee. They have amazing sweet and savoury pastries, the staff is so friendly and it’s not expensive either. After the coffee we popped into the Sicilian Pastry Shop to buy some truffles for the evening – another amazing place to buy delicious pastries! Since Nordic Affär was on the way we went in to see if they had received the second Finnish Christmas delivery, but I left empty-handed. The owner promised to put away a few things for me though so will have to go back again next week!

We walked into Stockbridge where Zain lives and said bye, after which I went into Mellis Cheesemongers to get some cheeses for later. It’s a proper old fashioned cheese shop with really good service. This blog is turning into a marketing piece for independent Edinburgh shops haha.

I picked up five different cheeses, three vegetarian ones and two with rennet (definitely nothing vegan here!). I was actually quite surprised by the fact that most of the cheeses weren’t vegetarian.

As I was baby-free I did a little bit of Christmas shopping and had a look inside this Christmassy pop-up shop. I’ve almost bought all my gifts now so it’s a lot more relaxing going to these kinds of shops now knowing I don’t actually have to buy anything!

I then headed to our friends’ place for a pre-Christmas dinner and bumped into Matthew and Lana on the outside. Poor little thing is still not completely recovered from being ill again (3rd time in 6 weeks!), but she still gathered the energy to run towards her mamma. <3

On the menu were langoustines that James had picked up earlier in the day from a fishmongers in Newhaven – and I was shocked to find out they were still alive! As fresh as it gets I guess…Matthew had a go at killing one, but I couldn’t even watch.

I know I was being a hypocrite though as I still ate them…(Have to admit that they were really tasty as well – so sweet and juicy!)

We had such a lovely and fun afternoon/evening, but we had to leave before 9pm to put a grumpy Lana to bed. Today Matthew has painted the fridge, but I’ll tell you more about that later…

Have a great week everybody, can’t believe it’s Christmas next weekend!!

x Nina x

PS. Was sent two photos from my bag photo shoot and I love them (which is very unusual as I’m so self-critical)! Should have more early next week so I can share them here on the blog too.