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The sauna is a true Finnish institution, found in most homes, summer cottages and even flats. Most Finns have a sauna at least once a week, usually on a Saturday night – or more often like my parents do too.

However, even though I’m a Finn I’ve never liked the sauna, and pretty much stopped going altogether during my early teenage years. Guess the main reason I didn’t like it was because I always felt like I couldn’t breathe properly in the heat. Ever since I’ve had maybe one or two saunas a year.

This summer things have changed and I’ve finally started enjoying having a sauna! It’s just so relaxing and I even noticed that I like it to be fairly hot, around 70 to 80 degrees Celsius. No idea what has happened, but think having an energetic baby to look after all day might have something to do with it…Maybe I just didn’t need the relaxation (and quietness) as much before haha.

Here are a few photos of my parents’ sauna that seats up to ten people.

FinnishSauna kiuas Sauna saunainFinland

Wouldn’t mind a sauna now, after a run in the rain…

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