Say Hello to Baby Lana

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It’s been a bit quiet at my end lately, but for a very good reason: our daughter Lana Elise was born a week ago on Monday the 9th of February. She’s a healthy 4 kg baby with a good set of lungs and we’re as proud as parents can be. I feel like I haven’t been able to stop staring at my little girl all week and every time I turn around I see Matthew taking yet another photo of her 🙂 

We’re busy changing nappies and breastfeeding (definitely a full time job!) so don’t have time to write more about the labour and how it’s been being a mum – but will at least share a bunch of photos from Lana’s first days in this world for now.

helloworld justout newborn littlefeet littlelana cutie newmum fatheranddaughter weeangel babylana

This is definitely love at first sight <3

x Nina x