My Second Trimester (Second Child)

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second trimester

Last Saturday I entered my 28th week of pregnancy and my third trimester – which means my second trimester is done and dusted. Three more months to go before total chaos arrives! The first few weeks of my second trimester I was still lacking in energy and feeling a bit sick, but the rest of it has been pretty uneventful.


I can still feel a bit nauseous after eating, especially if I’ve had a big meal. It’s a different kind of nausea though, more like being uncomfortable. As far as I can remember I didn’t have it with Lana and it’s definitely the most annoying thing about this pregnancy. With Lana I had heartburn in the third trimester and I already get it occasionally now. What’s good about it though is that I can still control it a fair bit by not eating the wrong things too late. My sciatic nerve gets sore every now and then, especially if I walk a lot or exercise. Not good! Hope it won’t get much worse.


Having eaten pretty much no sweets, cakes or chocolate in the first trimester I feel like my usual sweet cravings are back. Damn! I’m also back to not really wanting to eat fish, which is how I felt with Lana too. I’m still struggling to drink tap water and often feel I’m not drinking enough – which is weird as I’m normally ALWAYS drinking loads of water.


With Lana I gained a total of 14 kg, but now I’ve already gained 11kg and there’s still 3 months to go (!) During my 4 weeks in Finland I put on 4 kg – is that normal?! As I was feeling better with Lana and obviously had a lot more time to myself I was going to the gym regularly, which probably slowed down the weight gain. If I’m honest I’m a bit worried about gaining too much as that will make the sciatic pain worse and just make moving more difficult. It’s not like I’m going to go on a diet though, so let’s see what happens!


My belly is definitely bigger at this point than it was with Lana. It’s quite neat though and many say it looks like a boy belly – so that’s how much you can trust old wives’ tales haha. There are no stretch marks yet and I hope I’ll escape without none this time too. I’ve felt the baby’s movements since week 13-14 even though my placenta is in the front, and the kicks are just getting stronger and more frequent. For example, today I was at work and felt the baby move pretty much the whole time I was sitting down – or at least that’s how it felt. Same thing in the evenings; movement all the time. Reminds me a lot of being pregnant with Lana…It is nice to have an active baby though as you never have to worry about the baby not moving for some reason!

26 weeks pregnant


With Lana my hair got stronger and longer than it ever had before, and I felt like my skin got a nice boost too. This time around I haven’t really noticed any difference in my hair, but perhaps a slight improvement in my skin…Which could also be contributed to the fact that I’m using new skin products…(That I will blog about soon!) But hey, there’s still time for that pregnancy glow right?!


I’ve been sleeping fairly well, but again have slight restless leg syndrome when trying to fall asleep, which is really annoying. But it doesn’t last for too long and after I’ve fallen asleep I don’t get it again if waking up in the middle of the night. I’ve started taking calcium and magnesium on a daily basis now to make it go away, and it’s already working I think. Lana’s started sleeping in her own bed THROUGH the night several times a week, which makes us very happy. Hallelujah I say! (Potty training on the other hand is not going too well…But I’m adamant I’m not going to have two children in nappies at the same time, so wish me luck!)


I’m still feeling fed up with being pregnant and wish the last trimester will go quickly! It’s just not as exciting as the first pregnancy, and it’s a bit of a hassle having a big belly with a lively toddler – and I just can’t wait for Lana to meet her little sister! (Obviously I want to meet her too!) I can only imagine her being a copy of Lana in every way, so it’ll be really interesting to see what she’ll look like and what kind of a personality she’ll have. I don’t think Matthew has fully grasped that we’re having another child yet – there’s so much going on at the moment with the Ally Bally Bee Project and he’s obviously not the one being kicked in the gut all the time!

Bring on the third trimester and please let it be a good one!

x Nina x

PS. The photos are from Finland and there was actually a snake swimming in the water behind me that I was keeping my eye on…