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Second Week In Finland


Another busy week in Finland is over. We’ve spent time with Lana’s cousins, visited her great grannies, had dinner with friends, gone on many walks, visited the old town, soaked up some rays, taken loads of photos, eaten plenty of berries and ice cream and much more I can’t think of right now. In other words a great second week!


Lana’s been busy practising getting into a crawling position. She just suddenly started doing it and now does it all the time, day and night. Don’t think she’ll start moving just yet as she’s just over 5 months…or who knows?!

She’s also started going to bed earlier – between 9pm and 10pm at the moment, sleeping until early morning when she wakes up for a feed and then sleeps another few hours until she gets up around 9am. Not bad at all! Maybe it’s the quiet countryside that makes her sleep better?


You have to be careful not to step on any toys (or babies) in this house…how many kids can you find in this photo? 🙂


Lana prefers to lean forward so she can see better what’s going on when in the stroller – she’s even started falling asleep like that.


I had a child-free dinner (apart from the baby in my friend’s belly of course) with friends at a new restaurant called Fryysarinranta by the river. I had a spinach and goats cheese lasagna with roasted beetroot which was quite nice – so nice that I would definitely go back.


3 hours went by way too fast, but had to get home to a little Lana who was a bit teary.


Porvoo old town gets pretty busy in summer with busloads of people coming from Helsinki and the big cruise ships.


One of the oldest cafes in Porvoo is Cafe Helmi here. In summer you can sit on the idyllic back terrace where we also had our coffees.


The cafe is decorated with lots of interesting little details from the olden days.


Like this grumpy old man who needs to eat a bit more cake.


Unfortunately there were no egg-free cakes for me 🙁


My brother and 7-month old son also joined us.


Me and my twin brother holding a new generation. When did we get so old?!


We also visited my friend and her two little boys who’re sussing out Lana here. I think they agreed she was cool 🙂

Tomorrow we’re off to my beloved Helsinki for a day out and about in the capital. Let the third week begin!

x Nina x

Nina Äikäs

I’m a Swedish-speaking Finn who left Finland for the lovely and thrilling London town in 2011, but after meeting an equally lovely and thrilling Scotsman I somehow now find myself in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. In February 2015 our gorgeous little girl arrived and made us a happy family of three. Follow my blog and get to know us!

  • Annika B.

    Happy to hear that your weeks have been full of great and meaningful program! I returned to work after 3 meaningful holiday weeks in Porvoo. But my life does definitely not feel like “arkipäivää” (working life), I have a total holiday mode and mood going on constantly. Maybe because I am working for totally 4 weeks (this plus 3) before I go on maternity leave. Additionally, my work is not hectic at all, and the evenings I spend doing something else than reading or watching TV, and that contribute to a non-working-life-feeling. Mushu’s sister have been around making loads of food, so that I did not have to do either, feels like a luxury holiday! I added some work out to my days because I started feeling the pregnancy in my lower back. I might call you for some tips because I have not yet figured out how to tighten (I know there is an other word) my lower abs without tighten ALL abs, and apparently only lower abs should be trained in the last trimester. Weekend coming up tomorrow and I’m heading to Porvoo again, on my agenda is again, among others, to spend time with siblings and parents, bake and maybe pick berries. Maybe we’ll meet!

    July 23, 2015 at 8:34 am
  • Annika B.

    I went on a governmental physiotherapy/gym class for women pregnant in the last trimester and the teacher said that training the lower (or was it inner) abs is OK, but LIGHTLY of course, and that it can help against lower back problems. Aaaah yeah, I might also bake a raw cake, Leena woke back up that idea in me, been googling recipes the whole week and stocking up with almonds, macadamias, maple syrup, cocout oil, dates, indiansocker…

    July 23, 2015 at 11:44 am
  • Maria R

    Va mysigt ni har haft det hittills! Hoppas vädret skulle bli snäppet bättre, så ni sku få njuta av en äkta finsk sommar.. Har ni klarat er utan myggbett?

    July 29, 2015 at 12:37 pm
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