My (Secret) Wedding Day

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So last Friday Matthew and I got married. Surprise!! Only our families and a few friends knew this was happening. We didn’t decide to keep it all a secret – we somehow just kept postponing the reveal for various different reasons, until it just made more sense to get married and then tell everyone. 

I guess it was easier as well, not having to explain to so many people why we weren’t doing the whole traditional thing. There was also a lot going on with myself starting a new job, property hunting and buying a flat, Matthew working on his private project and so on, so our engagement wasn’t actually at the top of our minds. But now the time has come to reveal everything!


Matthew (and Lana) proposed to me on our 4th anniversary morning on the 20th of April. He had taken the day off and brought me breakfast in bed as it was our anniversary. When I had eaten he came into the room and dragged me out of bed and told me to look at the door where Lana soon appeared, wearing a wee t-shirt saying “Do you want to marry daddy?” in Swedish. I love surprises and definitely did not see this one coming, so I was really moved! So was Matthew as I’ve never seen him shake that much! Not sure why because I obviously said yes 🙂


We celebrated in the evening by having a lovely dinner at Aizle restaurant.

engagement ring

I fell in love with the ring straight away – although it was way too big so we had to get it resized as much as possible. There was no other ring I liked and we weren’t allowed to return it, so the ring is still a bit too big as the diamond might come lose if you make the ring too much smaller. Apparently I have very thin fingers haha. I took this photo before the ring was altered, so at that point we were still planning on revealing the engagement to the world – but decided to wait until I got the ring back.

We only got Matthew a ring about a week before we got married, so that’s how organised we were!


Ok, so let’s get to the wedding day – Friday the 14th of October 2016. I’ve always liked the thought of getting married in the autumn, so this was perfect. Matthew’s dad picked us and Lana up around 11am, took us to a flower shop so I could buy myself a bouquet of white roses (very organised as you can see…) and then we headed to Rock House on Calton Hill were we were supposed to do a photo shoot and spend the night.


The orange Rock House is a historical building where pioneer photographers Adamson and Hill lived and worked in back in the 18th century and has been done up and is now rented out by the company I work for, Dickins Edinburgh. More about it here.


We actually stayed in the Photographer’s Studio right next door – a romantic wee place perfect for our wedding night. Staying here was a wedding gift from my lovely boss, so very grateful to her!


I finished my make-up that I started at home…


…whilst Matthew was taking his last selfies as a single man.


We even had time to take a few test shots before the photographer, also Matthew’s friend, arrived.


The beautiful orange walls of the Rock House had to be featured in the shoot, that was a given! I was wearing a very simple, lightly peach-coloured dress from Zara, combined with sparkly shoes.


We did some shots inside Rock House too. That’s me trying to look natural, with not much success…Everything went a lot better after we opened a bottle of bubbles though!


Rock House is not the brightest house inside, so we did many shots outside too where the light was better. Can’t wait to see the photos and at the same time I’m worried I’m going to be too self-critical to like them :/


We were supposed to get married at 3pm, so we jumped into a taxi to the Lothian Chambers Registrars Office on George IV Bridge and took one last selfie as boyfriend and girlfriend.


As you already know, we weren’t very organised and found out the day before that we would have to get our own witnesses for the ceremony…So we took to the street and asked this lovely American couple from Wisconsin if they could help us out – and luckily they said yes! Alex and Julia were amazing – they also took all the photos from the ceremony that we have. A big thank you to these guys!


And here we go…Just when the registrar asked Matthew to repeat after her he turned all red in the face and started looking really strange. And then it happened: I saw Matthew shed actual tears for the first time ever! He has emotions after all 😀


And how did I react? By bursting into hysterical laughter and pointing at the poor groom!


I just couldn’t stop! I did get teary underneath all that laughing though – it really was a very emotional moment that we just reacted differently to.


We calmed down a little bit and continued with the ceremony.


And 8 minutes later we were husband and wife. Surreal! I’m so lucky to have found this amazing man to share my life with, and marrying him is just a very natural thing I knew I wanted to do within 3 weeks of meeting him.


We had to sign the marriage certificate to make it all legal – I’m laughing here because it was probably the worst signature I’ve ever produced, worse than a 5-year olds. And then I said “shit” at my own wedding because of it. Classy.


All done, woohoo!


The registrar let us have a look at the bigger and nicer wedding room, so we pretended to get married there as well.


After saying our “I dos” we got another taxi and headed back to Calton Hill. Don’t think neither one of us remembers much of what the registrar said!


At the house we opened a bottle of fizz and had some food we had brought there with us – I was starving! The light was beautiful, so for once, Matthew voluntarily got out the camera and took a few snaps…I also got changed, but will do another post about my evening outfit later!


Just after 6pm we got into the 3rd taxi of the day that took us to The Atelier on Morrison Street. It’s the same restaurant we really enjoyed on our 2nd anniversary, so it was quite a natural choice. Our 8-course tasting menu was started off with a Kir Royal.


I didn’t want to keep taking photos of all courses, so only took a few – this scallop dish with fennel, apple, rye bread, lettuce and squash puree was one of my favourites.


This stone bass dish was also very tasty. Yum.


Somehow we managed to spend almost 3 hours in the restaurant (did not feel that long at all). Afterwards we decided to have some gin at the Jolly Botanist just down the street.


But to be honest we didn’t even finish the drink before getting in yet another taxi back to Rock House and to bed! It was a draining day (in a good way) and with myself recovering from a cold and having slept very little the night before all I wanted to do was to snuggle up in this super-comfy bed with my husband! So we did, and slept from 10.30pm to 9am without anyone (Lana) disturbing us. Bliss!


The following morning was grey and rainy, but at least there was no hangover! We took the brolly and walked over to Pep & Fodder for some breakfast – our first as a married couple so I had to take a photo!


A bit more chilling before Matthew’s mum and dad picked us up with Lana (that I was missing like crazy) and drove us home.


Our first day as a married couple was rainy, but I choose to believe that it’ll only bring us good luck!

The plan now is to organise a party here in Edinburgh and one in Finland – because we do want to celebrate our commitment to each other with friends and family too!

x Nina x