Settling In To Our New Home

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Hi all!

The past few weeks have been all about settling into our new flat (sneak peek above), which could’ve been easier hadn’t Matthew injured his foot halfway through…Luckily his mum and dad have been a huge help! This move has been different as the flat was unfurnished, so we’ve basically had to get pretty much everything you need in a flat, from a vacuum cleaner and a freezer to a bed and a sofa.

Here’s a few photos from the moving in process.


Thank god for Matthew’s dad’s car and Matthew’s dad for driving it!!


Waiting for the new mattress and topper to settle in after having been rolled up for delivery. (It takes 72 h, so unfortunately we didn’t experience the whole process.)


This is probably the simplest piece of instruction I’ve ever seen, just had to share it 🙂


This is Matthew and his dad three hours into assembling the bed.


The finished product had to be celebrated with some bubbles that M’s brother brought over. Just look how proud he is of his first Ikea assembly!


As I like the bedroom to be as white as possible, M’s dad kindly painted the bed for us – it looks a lot better white doesn’t it? 🙂


Putting together the bedside tables that I thought were wood but turned out to be metal – still like them though!



And this is the sofa we’ve ordered from DFS. Delivery takes up to 4 weeks, so our living room still looks pretty empty…


I was actually excited to try this vacuum cleaner (is this what being old is?!) after having bought one that didn’t work.

I’ll do a proper post about the flat once the sofa has arrived and we’re a bit more settled in. Have a good start to the week everybody!

x Nina x