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Yesterday, just as I was trying to leave the house with the girls, someone rang the doorbell. I opened and it turned out to be a guy from our gas and electricity company who wanted to check our meters, which seems to happen every few months. It was a big, friendly guy with a foreign accent who I immediately took a liking to.

He came in to check the meters and asked me if I’m Finnish or Swedish having heard me speak to Lana and Maya. I was impressed that he picked that up and asked where he was from. It was an Eastern European country, but it doesn’t matter which one. I asked him if he enjoyed it here and he said no and that he wants to go back home. I said that I wouldn’t mind going back to Finland either (especially after Brexit), which I think triggered the whole “conversation” we were about to have…

He said he has good friends in Finland, Sweden and Norway – all part of a small far right extremist pan-European group who want to drive Islam from the continent (I don’t want to name this group here). He started saying how Britain is being taken over by muslims and people who don’t work and pay taxes, he mentioned the n-word and I’m pretty sure he said the word “exterminate” as well. He said a lot more, but I was so shocked that all I could think of was to get him out the door – and all I quietly said was that I don’t agree and that not all muslims are terrorists.

The ironic thing was that he said everything with a smile and that he was so nice, polite and likeable all along. My first thought after he left was that I should report him to his employer, but on second thought I decided against it. Because if I’m honest I am a bit scared. But I do hope he doesn’t go around spreading this bullshit to all the people he sees!

This incident has, once again, reminded me of what a bubble I live in – how surrounded of likeminded people I am. But the sad truth is there is a lot of racism out there. And there really shouldn’t be.

On another, more cheerful note, I wore a pastel blue jumper yesterday, which is quite unlike me as I do own a lot of grey. It put me in a much better mood after my racist start to the day, and I decided I need to stop discriminating against colours from now on!

x Nina x

PS. If everything goes to plan my blog will have a new, more professional outfit soon too! (Not talking about my new, temporary header!)

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