Sister Snapshot Vol 2

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I think it’s time for another sister snapshot blog as it’ been a couple of months since the last one. We moved to Finland 10 days ago, but so far I haven’t really noticed that it would’ve made a difference in the girls’ behaviour – but who knows what will happen in the coming months! Anyway, here are a few things that come to mind when I think about my babies now. 

Lana (3 years, 4 months)

Lana is still very loving towards her wee sister, but there is definitely jealousy in the air. If I give Maya a toy Lana wants one too. When I feed Maya with a spoon Lana wants me to feed her too. Lana often takes toys away from Maya to make sure she doesn’t get to play with them. The other day she even went and sat right in front of Maya so she wouldn’t be able to watch TV. Fortunately Maya is too little to give a s**t, so this behaviour doesn’t cause problems, yet.

Lana has also started blaming Maya for everything. When Lana farts she’ll say “Maya did it”. When Lana spills her drink she’ll say “Maya did it”. Even though Maya is downstairs sleeping…I’m not sure if it is just a joke or if she is serious on some level?!

Lana still loves dressing up, and will dress up in anything, no matter how big or small or weird it is. The other night my mum was wearing her very old nightie, but Lana saw a dress she thought I should try on for some reason. She has a vivid imagination and will instantly go into character when she puts on a dress – you can see it happening. She still calls me Anna (from Frozen) on a daily basis…

Lana loves role playing and you can often find her in front of her doll’s house, doing different voices for the different characters. She’s always trying to get us to play along, and Maya, without realising it, is usually the prince in her little plays.

Lana says the funniest things. I haven’t been driving in the UK, so when I was about to drive our new car here in Finland Lana goes: “Mamma can drive the car, she is a big girl now.” Today Lana went: “I want to watch TV NOW” over and over again. Eventually I go: “I said NO!”, to which she responds: “I said YES!”. The other day when we were walking on the street she suddenly goes: “Stop! Let’s take a photo – let’s take a selfie.” Had no idea she even knew that word!

Lana hides things. Not sure if this is universal 3-year-old behaviour, but she will e.g. use my lip balm and then hide it in Maya’s cot. What is good though is that she usually remembers and shows us where she’s hidden something. Matthew’s wedding ring still hasn’t appeared though…

Lana is still the very independent, resourceful and intelligent little girl she’s always been. She can be a handful but I have no doubt in my mind she’ll do well in life.

Maya (7 months)

Maya loves being entertained by her big sister and doesn’t mind (too much) when Lana grabs her by the feet and drags her across the room to see the cat.

Maya’s favourite hobby is to try and put stuff in other people’s mouths. It makes her giggle.

Just before her 7-month birthday Maya started dragging herself forward and on the day we flew to Finland started saying a clear “Mamma”, which she repeated about a million times. I know it’s just her practising sounds, but she often repeats it after me when I say it so I’m going to pretend it’s her first real word.

Maya is a bit of a mamma’s girl at the moment. She might be totally fine with pappa, but when I walk into the room she’ll start crying and starts crawling towards me. If I walk away from her she might burst into tears as well.

Maya is not the good sleeper she used to be, but has decided that mamma doesn’t need more than two hours of sleep in a row. She’ll often wake up and stay awake for an hour or so, which is really annoying but at the same time I have missed her when she’s been asleep and enjoy seeing her happy wee face. I think it’s all the new skills she’s gained recently that make her restless and causes her to wake up – she practises getting into a crawling position several times per night.

Maya wolfs down food some days and refuses food other days – but I guess that’s normal when it comes to babies. Either way, Maya has finished a whole pouch of puree or bowl of porridge on several occasions, and I don’t think Lana did that until she was over one. Maya is pretty much already having three meals per day, which is amazing!

Maya is a happy wee baby who smiles at most people, is very interested in what’s going on around her and wants to reach out and touch/taste everything. Seeing her little smiling round face peeking out from her cot in the morning is the best way to wake up in the world!

x Nina x