Sister Snapshot Vol 3

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It’s been two months since my last sister snapshot blog, and again so much has changed. I guess that’s how it is when you have a baby and a 3-year-old – they’re developing at the speed of light. And it’s amazing to watch!

Maya (9 months)

Maya has come a long way in two months. Just like her big sister, she has taken her first steps at 9 months old. She’s even beat Lana to it by two weeks, which is crazy as it took Maya so long to even roll over. Now she’s wobbling around, taking up to 10 steps at a time, but quickly gets down on all four if she needs to get somewhere quickly. She’s started waving back and clapping, which we all love getting her to do.

Maya adores Lana. In the mornings the first thing she looks for is Lana, and if I take her into my bed (where you’ll find Lana most mornings…) Maya will ignore me and instantly crawl over to Lana letting out little squeaks of excitement. She will also follow Lana around and always try and play with the same toys Lana is playing with – which is starting to annoy Lana more and more…

Maya loves being chased, wrestling with her big sister (to a certain point…) and playing with a ball. She’s already getting on Lana’s little “tricycle” herself and trying to move forward. Maya also loves trying to escape when she sees that the front door is open and gets really angry when I get her back inside. Another one of her favourite pastimes is to chew in shoes, and she’s constantly trying to get to them. Yuk. She’s now actually also trying to put them on her own feet!

Maya can get pretty upset if you take her away from ruining Lana’s games or it you take something away from her she’d like to put in her mouth. She becomes a bit of a drama queen and will throw herself on the floor and cry loudly. It’s pretty annoying!

Maya finds it very difficult to fall asleep for her naps or in the evening if she can hear that Lana is up and playing. She just doesn’t want to miss out. Same goes with breastfeeding; she’s struggling to find the peace to feed if Lana is around – or if anything else more interesting is happening around her. So during the days I don’t feed her that much, but she makes up for it during the night…

Maya isn’t sleeping any better yet. We go through better periods though, where she might sleep 2-3 hours in a row – but when it’s bad she’ll wake me up every hour. Her 5th tooth is on the way, so I think that might have something to do with her sleep.

Maya is getting a little pickier with food but will still try pretty much everything. Such as bird poo that she ate last week…I didn’t give it to her though! Haha. Because she wakes up a lot at night and I often have to feed her to get her to go back to sleep and not wake the whole house up she isn’t that hungry during the days. Will need to wean her off the night boob!

Maya loves babbling non stop just like her sister always did. She says a very clear “mamma”, “pappa” and “titta” (look in Swedish) – but I still don’t know if these are words or just sounds. She will often say mamma when she sees me and pappa when she sees Matthew, so maybe it isn’t complete gibberish.

Lana (3 years, 6 months)

Lana is a big girl now – at least if you believe what she says herself. She does act like a baby a lot of the time, pretending to be Maya. She will crawl around with a dummy in her mouth or insist on sitting in Maya’s buggy – when Maya is sitting in it of course…And she’s started eating Maya’s baby porridge…I think this is pretty normal behaviour when you’ve become a big sister though.

Lana is very affectionate with Maya most of the time. She makes sure she doesn’t fall off her bed that Maya is always climbing up on, she’s always hugging and squeezing her and she even puts a pillow underneath before she opens the zip to Maya’s bed to let her out.

Lana will go to nursery in a couple of weeks’ time. She seems excited and often asks when she can go. The other day I took her to buy a little purple backpack for nursery and next week her appointed nursery lady will come and visit us at home. Need to clean! The week after that we’ll go to the nursery together for a few hours at a time. I get more and more nervous about it although I know she will be fine. I mostly worry that the other children won’t understand what she’s saying, both because of her english pronunciation and the fact that she mixes English and Swedish so much.

Lana is getting more annoyed with Maya the more Maya can interrupt her and destroy her games. So far Lana hasn’t physically harmed her, mostly just pushed her away or carried Maya to her cot and put her in there so she can’t escape – but the tension is growing and I bet they’ll be fighting like siblings do very soon…

Lana wants to be a ballerina when she’s big. Or a footballer. But I know that’s just something Matthew planted in her head. Today at lunch she said she’s going to work as a ballerina, mamma can do exercises (I think she means me going running) and pappa can play football. A very active family if you ask Lana haha!

Lana is superfast. She can disappear in the blink of an eye and just run off to wherever she wants to go. She knows she’s not allowed to but she still does and it drives me insane! She’s always done it and I have no idea when it’ll stop. I really hope she doesn’t do that at nursery. Will have to warn them…

Lana can be very easy going and very stubborn. I think her and I are quite alike when it comes to personality and I can notice how we’re clashing already. In many situations I have to ask Matthew to take over because I get so frustrated with Lana – but obviously sleep deprivation has something to do with it too! I will have to work on my own stubbornness and temper before she reaches her teenage years…

Lana is a sharp little girl. She always recognises the smallest things, such as a girl having the same swimsuit as her cousin on a crowded beach or places we’ve been to, when she’ll go: I’ve been here before! It’s also impossible to hide anything from Lana as she’ll find literally everything. She’s a curious little character too!

They can both be incredibly annoying but I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m excited to see them grow up and for those personalities to shine through even stronger!

My little girls <3

x Nina x