Sister Snapshot Vol 4

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It’s been a while since my last sister snapshot post, so here we go again – just in time for Lana’s 4th birthday! There is so much to say about my little girls, but I will try to not go on rambling too much…

There is proper squabbling going on already and the classic scenario where both want to play with the same toy is a daily occurrence. Always the same damn toy. But I think Maya also annoys Lana on purpose, and I bet she knows that she won’t get punished because she’s so little…She’s got that look on her face and I just know it. Things often get a bit complicated since Maya wants to play with the same toys as Lana – and thinks it’s quite fun to destroy Lana’s lego towers, jigsaws and wooden block creations…

They can be such an adorable little duo as well, with Lana looking after Maya and explaining to her what she’s not allowed to do. “No Maya, you can’t take that plant, do you understand me?”. So funny hearing her repeat my words and being all adult.

They also have a lot of fun together, running around the flat, jumping on the bed and just being kids. Maya is always copying Lana. If Lana is dressing up (which she still does every day, the second she gets back from nursery – but now she’ll also dress up in her normal clothes, making sure the contents of her closet is all over the floor most days) Maya wants to dress up too. So I’ve got two wee girls running around in random outfits most days. I guess there really was no hope for Maya having Lana as a big sister. She will be obsessed with dressing-up games too.

Maya (1 year, 2 months)

baby flamenca

Maya is so much fun to hang out with at the moment – she’s coming out with new words and picking up new skills every day and just constantly doing something funny. Some of the words she says include “titta” (look), pappa, mamma, “bye bye”, “kakka” (poo), “pupu” (bunny), “purple”, “Jojo” (her auntie) and “där” (there). She’s constantly on the move; climbing, exploring, cuddling, running, climbing…She actually recently started saying “kakka” and pointing at her nappy when she’s done a poo 🙂

Maya gets very jealous if I’m holding Lana or if Lana is just too close to me for her liking. Same thing with Matthew. She will try and come in between to separate me from Lana or Matthew – and if that doesn’t work she’ll throw herself on the floor and act all drama queen.

Maya eats pretty well and will try most things. She doesn’t like to be fed and enjoys eating herself with a spoon or a fork. You can always count on her showing up if there’s food to be had. She’s got so many teeth now that I’ve lost count – and she won’t let me check either. But she has several of her molars, so that’ll obviously make it easier to feed. Her favourite foods include pasta, cheese, fruit, berries – the staple toddler foods! Oh and breast milk of course – something she still has around 3-5 times per day.

Maya’s favourite hobby at the moment is shoes – just like I remember Lana being obsessed with shoes at the same age. Maya is always walking around with often just one random shoe on, usually one of Lana’s. But she’ll try mine and Matthew’s on too. Another hobby is going through the kitchen cupboards – which I think is a popular one amongst one-year-olds. Switching the lights on and off is another one. Oh and her climbing hobby is still going strong – we know have all the chairs lying down on the floor so she wouldn’t constantly be up on the table. Being chased, especially when I want to dress her, is something she absolutely loves – and so far I just think it’s cute. When Lana does it I get annoyed haha.

I stopped breastfeeding Maya at night a few weeks ago, and she’s actually sleeping better now. At the moment she’ll wake up crying a few times per night, but usually giving her a dummy will do the trick. She’s actually suddenly started using a dummy during the day as well, something she’s never done before. She’s got so many new teeth, so I think that whenever she has had a bad night it’s probably been because of that. She’s very easy to get to bed and has been ever since I just started leaving her in her cot awake to fall asleep on her own. Now I feed her, put her in her cot and kiss her goodnight. Even if she is half asleep and really drowsy she’ll wave and say bye bye – or even blow me a kiss. Truly a dream scenario don’t you think?! Maya has also always slept in her own cot, something Lana did too for a long time. Now Lana sleeps in my bed…

Maya is the cutest wee thing with her big brown eyes. She waves and says bye bye to everyone when we’re out and about, and people can’t help but smile. It makes me feel so proud – especially when she waves to an elderly person and I can see how happy it makes them. My Mayalina.

Lana (almost 4 years)

Lana Lana Lana…Where do I begin with her?! She seems to be going through a defiant phase (again) – or extra defiant as she’s been in that phase ever since she was born pretty much. Lana doesn’t listen and Lana does what she wants. It’s always been like that and now the poor nursery staff has to deal with it too. Most days we pick her up we get to hear how stubborn she is. And that she is too intelligent for her age – and picks up both good and bad stuff very quickly. But I know they have a soft spot for her as well, because she can be very charming.

Lana is very much a problem solver. If I tell her she can’t have the iPad she’ll go “Well can Maya have it? Maya wants the iPad.” Because she thinks she can watch with Maya when we’re not looking. If you tell Lana “no” she’ll do it even more – or she’ll say ok and then do it again behind my back or try and find a way around the problem. E.g. if she wants raisins and I tell her no she will just go and take a chair and try and reach them herself. Often she won’t even ask for permission to begin with. It’s like she has no fear of adults or punishment – and when I punish her she kind of understands and doesn’t even get upset. So annoying!

Lana’s Swedish is coming along, but her English is still stronger I would say. Lana can pronounce “k” but she’s often too lazy and will just say “t” instead. She can’t roll her “rs”and I wonder if that is because her English has been the dominant language for most of her life. She clearly wants to learn Finnish too, so I have actually been thinking about turning Fridays, when she stays at home with Maya and me, into “Finnish Fridays” where I speak Finnish with her in order for her to pick up the language quicker. Will see if I can stick to it or if it’ll feel too strange!

There’s been a regression when it comes to staying dry and there’s been accidents both at nursery and at home. She’s even used the potty again and the kids toilet seat – before she insisted to sit on the toilet like a big girl. I know this is common when a new sibling arrives, but Maya is already over one…I just hope this stage will pass soon!

Lana is very sociable at nursery and seems to know all the kids from other groups as well. It’s so nice to see her play with different children when I go and pick her up. Even if she can be difficult to get to nursery in the mornings she usually doesn’t want to leave in the afternoon and I end up hanging around with Maya for an hour or so. But there are positives to that as Maya gets some exercise too and I’ve gotten to know the staff and the other kids.

But even if Lana can drive us insane she can also be the loveliest little girl. A girl who is so independent, charming, clever, determined, friendly, curious, fearless, loving and caring. She loves singing and is always singing different songs. She loves playing with play dough and can do so for hours. She loves being cheeky and dressing up – and often she wants me to dress up too…So much character in such a small package. <3

Ok, I think I’ll have to stop here now and get some knitting done!

x Nina x