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sister snapshot

Matthew’s sister sent me a link to this sister snapshot blog post and said it’s something she wants to do when her baby arrives – have I told you that she is pregnant btw?! Lana and Maya will be getting a wee Scottish cousin in June, which we’re all very excited about! Another little girl as well <3

Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to just write a short paragraph (if I can keep it short…) about my girls a bit more often instead of writing a long post once in a while. It’s something I can find the time for and commit to a lot easier as well! So here we go.

Maya (5 months)

Maya is such a happy and chatty wee baby who loves watching her big sister and grabbing everything she can possibly reach and putting it in her mouth. She’s fascinated with the remote control and my phone – and she likes Sophie the giraffe so much she almost gets aggressive with her. Maya is so much more chilled out than Lana ever was – when Lana was the same age she was already moving around, whereas Maya hasn’t even rolled over yet. At the moment she is pretty clingy and doesn’t like spending much time on her playmat/bouncer, she prefers to sit on the sofa, stand (she’s always loved standing) or be carried around so she can see properly what’s going on. If I’m not holding her I’ll always have two attentive big brown eyes following me around the room. She’s so determined to not miss out on any of the action that she finds it difficult to focus when I’m feeding her and keeps pulling away if there’s a noise, the TV is on or Lana is in the room. She loves going to playgroups with her sister and meeting people, but sometimes a new face can get a bit too much and she’ll burst into tears all of a sudden. I have a feeling Maya is a more sensitive soul than Lana. Lately she hasn’t been sleeping as well as she used to and wakes me up more often – I’m hoping it’s just the four-month sleep regression happening! She’ll always wake up with a big smile on her face in the morning though.

Lana (3 years and 2 months)

Lana is still very much interested in helping out with her little sister and playing with her. I’m so proud to see how much she cares for Maya and how she’s always excited to see her, whether that’s first thing in the morning or when she gets home from Nana and Pop’s. Lana’s favourite thing to do is still to dress up and force me to play role games with her from Disney films, such as pretending to be Rapunzel throwing down her hair to her evil stepmother or Snow White taking a bite from the poisoned apple. She also loves climbing on things, jumping and being a little acrobat – and she’s loving ballet classes too. She’s talking more and more English and less and less Swedish, but I hope that’ll change the older she gets. When she gets confused with the languages we’ve found that saying “Mamma says skor” and “Pappa says shoes” works quite well. She makes us laugh when she says things such as “it’s peeefect”, I llllove it”, “my goodness me” and “oh my gosh” – the last two definitely something she’s picked up from her Nana!

If Matthew and I get into a heated discussion she’s always telling him to say sorry to me but never the other way around. Haha. Lately she’s also started saying “stop it guys” whenever she thinks we’re arguing – we don’t argue as much as I make it sound by the way! If I hit my toe she’ll instantly ask (about a hundred times) “you ok mamma?”. Lana is a determined wee girl who does what she wants (and always has) and if you tell her no she’ll just try and find a way around the problem instead of having a tantrum. She rarely has tantrums, which I’m grateful for!

I had a really proud moment earlier today when I was making dinner and Lana asked for more raw carrot – it took me three years to get her to like it, but it was all worth it.

Oh, and she can also be very bossy and knows best most of the time. But guess most 3-year-olds are like that?!

Incredibly proud of both my girls!!

x Nina x