Small Town Charm

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23 weeks pregnant

So far we’ve been hanging out a lot with Lana’s cousins here at my parents’ place, and having worked most of Monday I felt like I needed a bit of a change of scenery – so on Tuesday we got in the car and drove to a little town by the sea called Lovisa. Just like the old town in my home town Borgå it’s a place full of pretty wooden houses in various colours.

We were all hungry when we got there so we headed to Ölvin restaurant (“Beerwine” restaurant…) for some lunch.

I had a veggie burger which was nice but had way too much mayo in it. In these places your best bet is probably to go for the traditional dishes such as herring and mash like my dad did.

Lana’s hair is finally starting to grow! According to my mum it’s exactly the kind of hair I had as a child – just hope she won’t be stuck with my hair when she grows up too…

After lunch we let Lana run around in the play park next door whilst my mum tried to take a photo of me and my 23 week pregnant belly in my new dress 🙂 I feel fine at the moment, although when I exercise I tend to feel pain in my sciatic nerve afterwards…Hope it won’t get much worse than this!

Such charming little houses in the prettiest shades.

It is such an idyllic place – but perhaps a bit too quiet for me…Can only imagine how quiet the winters here must be!

I checked what the best cafe in Lovisa is on Tripadvisor, and this cute little place called “Tuhannen Tuskan Kahvila” (“The Cafe of a Thousand Sufferings” – the establishments in this town have some strange names!) came up as number one – and I could totally see why when opening the gates to this courtyard!

I couldn’t resist doing a little photo shoot among all the other guests, so pretty!

We asked the staff (an old thin lady) if we could order, but she said she’ll come to the table and that there’s at least a 20 minute queue for just coffee and cake – so with a little toddler with constant ants in her pants we decided to go somewhere else.

But according to the reviews the cakes and sandwiches are all homemade and really nice, so I’m sure it’s worth the wait! They also use beautiful old china and the little courtyard was dotted with different artworks.

Before heading to the next cafe my mum and I had a look inside this lifestyle shop. It was nice but there wasn’t a massive amount of things for sale.

I liked these cutting boards and trays though.

As you can see it was a busy day in town haha.

And after another short photo session of me and my belly we finally got some coffee and cake at a local cake shop!

Lana found a basket of toys she kept herself entertained with – and as you can see it was a blast!

Next door was a very inviting looking little shop called Mia’s I just had to pay a visit to.

They sell both old and new clothes as well as toys and some lifestyle stuff. A lovely wee shop as you can see!

Lana instantly found a duck, some pens and paper and sat down to draw a picture.

How cute aren’t these?! Would look adorable on a little girl 🙂

On Sunday evening Matthew will arrive, so we’re looking forward to that! Now time for some more Skam – I’ve actually gotten so hooked that I’m already on the 4th (and unfortunately last) season…

x Nina x