Snow & Beach

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Tomorrow Lana and I are flying to Finland for the 5th time within a year, this time to attend my grandmother’s funeral unfortunately. It’s safe to say that flying with a baby/toddler has almost become a routine and I’m getting pretty good at it! Packing gets easier each time as does the whole logistics of the journey. What I’m dreading though is the flight itself and how I’ll be able to entertain a toddler who just wants to walk around…

Luckily the flight is early tomorrow morning, so hoping Lana will sleep most of the first flight. Fingers crossed! Speaking of sleeping, Lana has only woken up two times the past few nights – which is already like a mini-holiday for me 🙂

IMG_0108We’ve actually contacted a “supernanny” who’ll come and turn Lana into a supersleeper after we return, and she asked me to keep a diary of Lana’s sleeping, eating and breastfeeding habits. It’s just so typical that during these past 48 hours Lana’s only woken up twice per night, had two perfect naps each day, had less breast milk and eaten better too! Judging by the diary we don’t really even need help! I’m sure things will take a turn for the worse again though – they always do when it concerns Lana and sleeping 😛

POLLENSAAlthough money is a little tight with me not working at the moment we’ve gone and booked a proper beach holiday this summer…We got a good deal with both flights and hotel, plus it’s Matthew’s 30th birthday at the end of June so we just went with it! It’ll be Lana’s first real holiday 🙂 We’re going to Alcudia in Mallorca for one week btw, so if anyone’s got any tips please feel free to share!

I just realised that I’ll get to snorkel or even dive if I’m lucky – happy happy days!!:D

P1000472First we’ve got another trip to focus on though, hopefully a cold and snowy one so I can finally go skiing! We’ll be staying at an all-inclusive resort in Porvoo (aka my mum and dad’s) so it’ll be a bit of a holiday as well 🙂

x Nina x