Snow in Finland

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As I might’ve mentioned a few times here in the blog as well, I was really looking forward to some snow and a white Christmas on our holiday. I didn’t have to wait for long as it started snowing the minute we stepped out of the airport in Helsinki!

A day or so later the ground was covered in a soft, white layer of beautiful snow and the temperature had sunk to -13°C. The sun even showed its face, which meant we just had to endure the cold and go outside to snap some photos with our new camera. I’ve never taken so many pictures of snow before – guess it’s become something exotic after living in the UK for 3+ years 🙂

Here are a few of the pics Matthew and I took during our stay, a lot of white on the menu!

sunrisepihasnowybushes snowing house path mazza forest fields field berries winter ronnbar snowman

Matthew had been looking forward to building a snowman, but quickly learned that you can’t build one when it’s minus degrees. Towards the end of our stay it finally got warm enough for some serious snowman-building – and must say I’m quite proud of our creation (you should’ve seen the tiny little snowman the neighbour’s kid did haha).

x Nina x