Snowed In

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Hello from a pretty damn snowy Helsinki! If you follow me on instagram you’ll know how happy I’ve been over the wintry winter we’re having here in Finland. After 7 years in the UK I am just appreciating it so much. I feel like I kid!

I’ve been over the moon with being able to go skiing, sledging, skating and just running in the snow – but today I have to admit I got a little bit annoyed. It’s been snowing non stop for three days now, and even though I admire the snowplow people for their efficiency they’re no miracle workers. But still buses, trams and the metro are somehow running, people are getting to work and kids to school/nursery. Life goes on as normal.

talvipuutarha Helsinki

So going out with a buggy was a pretty good workout today. I was dragging, pulling, pushing and lifting – and going to the yarn shop, the supermarket and the post office took me twice as long as it normally does. But it was quite interesting too (God, I sound like a tourist that has never experienced snow before) as I saw cars being stuck in the snow, people trying to dig out their cars, I witnessed an accident where one car drove into another one, I saw kids snowboarding, parents pulling their kids in sledges, runners, people skating – just what a winter should be like if you ask me!

I also went running last night in the snow blizzard and I felt like a tough mudder. Running in snow is way harder I can tell you! And so good for the balance. I felt like I was using the same small muscles in my feet and legs that I do when I go trail running. I’m planning on doing several 20K trail running competitions next year so I’m glad I can practise in the snow!

Lana is loving the snow and will climb every big pile of snow on the way home from nursery. She also refuses to leave the park as she’s having so much fun playing in (and eating) the snow with her friends. So our nursery run which should take 20 minutes will take around an hour. She loved skating too and actually managed to skate a bit on her own the first time we took her. So proud! I think Matthew is enjoying the snow too, how it makes the winter so much brighter, how he can just pull Lana to nursery in a sledge and all the winter sports – apart from cross country skiing. He didn’t like that. But I guess all this snow is quite exotic for someone coming from the UK!

Anyway, enough about snow haha! I will probably regret writing this, but Maya is finally sleeping a bit better. I completely stopped breastfeeding her at night a few weeks ago, and since then things have clearly been better. There have been nights where she’s only woken up once and nights where she’s woken up maybe 5 times – so we’re somewhere in between most nights. Feels like nothing compared to getting up every hour! There’s also a completely different vibe in our home now; a lot less snapping, stupid arguments and just general tiredness. It’s funny to, in hindsight, see how much not sleeping well affects the dynamics of the whole family. Please Maya, let’s keep going in this direction!

Lana will turn four next week. Matthew is taking her to see Disney on ice on her birthday and then we’re having a birthday party just for the family. I wanted to throw her a party for her nursery friends too – but they’re so many and you have to invite everyone. And at the moment we don’t have room here at home, and booking something just felt so overwhelming and expensive. Next year when we will hopefully be living in a bigger place she will get a proper kids’ birthday party!

In May we’re attending a wedding in Lithuania and we’re thinking about just driving down and stopping on the way, maybe in Tallinn, Pärnu and Riga. It’s just something we would have to plan really well for it to be enjoyable and not super stressful…If anyone knows any good places along the way or has any tips, let me know!

Ok need to get knitting! The photos are from our visit to the beautiful Winter Garden in Helsinki – thought they’d be a nice contrast to the cold, snowy weather! The place was full of instagrammers doing photo shoots, some taking around a million photos in the same spot. Quite funny to watch – but annoying when you want to take a photo yourself haha! (I didn’t mind that much when Lana and Maya photobombed several of them…)

x Nina x