Spektakulär & Lilla: A Piece of Scandinavia in Edinburgh

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If you’ve read my blog before you might know what a sucker I am for Nordic design and how happy I am to see all these Scandi shops popping up in Edinburgh. It’s a bit like hearing your language spoken on the street in a foreign country – it just gives you that feeling of belonging that we all crave to some extent.

Spektakulär in Morningside is a lovely Scandinavian design shop that I have visited before, but since it is on the other side of town I don’t go there as often as I would like. This is why I didn’t know that Spektakulär now has a little sister shop called Lilla (little or small in Swedish). It’s a shop that sells the most adorable toys, including Moomin cards, cups, posters etc., and I was so happy to discover this colourful wonderland with everything a child (and adult) could want! I had a wee chat with the owner who said that they basically just moved all the children’s merchandise from Spektakulär into the new shop just two doors down the road.

I just couldn’t leave Lilla without buying anything, so two Moomin book ends came home with me. They’ll be perfect in Lana’s new room! I also fell in love with the very densely woven Pappelina plastic rugs that are so stylish, functional and durable at the same time. They’re made in Dalarna, Sweden, and have become a classic within Scandinavian design. I know one thing for sure; we’ll be getting at least one for our new hallway…Deciding which one will be a whole other issue as they’re all so beautiful!

spektakularshopfront fullystacked nordicchinacushions scandinavianinteriors fika marimekkoserviettes scandinaviandesgininEdinburgh pappelinarugs pappelinarugs lillaEdinburgh lillashopEdinburgh lillawindow scandinaviantoys moomincards muurla wallartforkids dots tinteasetlillamoominbookends spektakularochlillaEdinburgh

The Spanish have come in between the Swedish on Colinton Road 🙂 If you’re looking for a gift for an adult or a kid you know where to go now!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

x Nina x

PS. My next post will be about our Mallorca holiday – just need to gather the energy to go through all the photos…