Spring in Edinburgh

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First of all: no, I’m not pregnant! The news I mentioned in my last blog post is about me going back to work part-time as the social media manager and content producer for a fabulous local company. Unfortunately I’ll only be working until the end of August, but I’m still happy to be back in the game and look forward to many uninterrupted coffees by my desk! 

The sun has been out a lot more lately, which really lifts the spirits! Because of our new routine (I’ll write a post about the supernanny visit when we’ve made even more progress) we now get out in the morning around 10am instead of in the afternoon like we used to. The other morning the sun was shining and once again we headed to the Botanical Gardens – it’s definitely one of the best places to be during spring in Edinburgh!

I let Lana free and she enjoyed discovering many new things, such as flowers, gravel and bumble bees. Here are some of the photos from our morning.

weegirlinbotanicsrhododendron orangeflowers agirlonabench springsunglasshouse windowflowersweeshadow weebreakdaffodils

Tomorrow Matthew’s taken the day off and we’ve got a fun day planned with friends – can’t wait.

Happy Easter everybody! (Can’t believe it’s Easter already!)

x Nina x