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It’s been a while since my last post, I know, but that’s only because I’ve been busy working. Matthew and I took on an copywriting project that was offered to us through my job, so we’ve been writing articles during evenings and weekends to earn a few extra bucks. Thankfully that’s over now!

Work has also been quite busy (that’s  my desk in the photo) so we’re hiring a new team member again in a couple of weeks. Believe it or not; a Swedish speaking Finn actually applied for the job! I mean, what are the odds?? Unfortunately she didn’t get chosen for the role, and instead it is now between a Scottish girl my age and a stand-up comedian, so it’ll be interesting to see who they’ll employ…I really hope it’s a woman though; it’s only me and five guys at the moment.

The weather’s been pretty warm and sunny all autumn, so we’ve been enjoying days like these:


But now it’s looking more like this:


Guess I’m finally about to experience the true Edinburgh weather! Still not too cold though, but in true British style Matthew went and bought us a couple of hot water bottles to warm up the bed.


The blue one is Matthew’s and the one with dogs is mine.

Although Christmas isn’t that far away, it is maybe still a bit early to bring home a xmas tree in October…But that’s exactly what my dear boyfriend did.


Apparently the poor tree was going in the bin at Matthew’s work, so he decided to save it. He was told that it can last till xmas, but we’re not really sure about how to take care of it. Any tree experts out there with some tips??


We’ve also tried to make the living room a little more inviting and cosy by adding a few more cushions, putting up a few paintings and a book shelf. Matthew’s dad was kind enough to put the shelf up as we’re both lacking the practical skills (and tools) to do it ourselves. (Not many man-points for Matthew there.) The photo doesn’t really show what a big difference a few small changes can make!

In a week’s time it’ll be my turn to hit the thirties, so looking forward to escaping reality to spend a couple of nights at this beautiful romantic hotel in the Scottish highlands:

Monachyle Mhor hotel Scotland highlands

Matthew’s friend manages hotel Monachyle Mhor and we were actually supposed to go up there last January, but as the place got snowed in we never made it. Instead we spent a few days in Edinburgh (we were living in London back then) and it was actually then that we started thinking about moving to Scotland. So the fact that we weren’t able to go to the hotel back then might very well be the reason we’re up here now!

Really hope we’ll make it this time! Can’t wait to finally see the highlands, just hope that it’ll still be full autumn so I can take some nice autumnal photos for you to enjoy 🙂

Until next time!

x Nina x