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Last week I visited the Royal Highland Show for the first time, which was such a great day out for the whole family. I’ll be blogging more about that later as I have around a million photos to share from the day! Anyway, at the show I was invited to meet with a representative for Norwegian Ekornes to learn more about what comfort really is about – and as I’m always keen to endorse the Nordics I just couldn’t say no.


Ekornes is the largest furniture manufacturer in the Nordic region and based in a town called Sykkylven in a beautiful fjord in Norway. It’s actually a former farming community that has transformed into the heart of Norwegian furniture manufacturing. Ekornes has been around since 1934, so these guys know what they’re doing! Decades of perfecting the design has resulted in the most comfortable, luxurious and functional recliners, sofas and office chairs – Scandinavian craftsmanship at its best.

After getting lost about ten times and enduring a heavy rain shower I finally managed to find the Ekornes showroom and meet with the representative Charlie, who introduced me to the world of comfy seating – which I was very much in need of after wandering around at the busy showground for a couple of hours! I couldn’t wait to sit down and sink into the luxurious leather chair, and when I finally did I had a bit of a revelation: is this what an armchair is really supposed to feel like?? I’m not sure if I ever want to sit in my cheap Ikea armchair again!


You can also recline all the way into a lying position, which Charlie demonstrated to me. “But surely a chair can’t be comfortable enough to sleep in?” I thought when watching him. After having tried it myself I came to the conclusion that the recliner was actually comfier than my bed. How sad is that?!


Something I had no idea about is that you can choose between small, medium and large recliners depending on what size you are. You can further customise your chair by choosing the type of leather, the base and the wood.


They also do tables and ottomans that fit perfectly with the recliners and sofas, as well as functional computer tables as in the photo above.


Buying an Ekornes recliner is an investment as these beauties don’t come cheap. Having tried them I now totally understand why many people do splurge on comfortable seating. (Lana loves climbing, so she enjoyed trying out the recliners all on her own. Right in the middle of that gorgeous setting of a Norwegian fjord!)


Nope, she just wouldn’t sit in my lap at all – such a wee wriggler!

I was definitely drawn to the more modern designs, such as the Stressless City or Metro. One day, when we have our own spacious home and a few extra bucks I might just treat myself to a nice, comfy recliner!

What about you, could you see yourself investing in a comfortable chair?

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