Sugar Detox Survivor

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Ok, so I made it through three days of no sugar whatsoever. Have to admit though that I did have some hummus with chickpeas (a legume) as well as a butter bean dip (also a legume). But I did stay away from the grains and starches, which was as I expected, the hardest part. 

But what was unexpectedly difficult to abstain from was my 100% xylitol chewing gum that I import from Finland. I tend to have chewing gum after every meal and snack, and not having some made me really crave it.

Negative side effects

The worst part about the detox was definitely the feeling of being hungry – or perhaps not even so much being hungry, but the feeling of being unsatisfied after most meals was tough. I’ve become a bit of a foodie and food is an important part of the day – and not having nice, satisfying meals to look forward to is not nice. Although the dinners I made weren’t even that bad to be honest (some pics below)!

I was also maybe slightly more cranky and tired than normal, but it’s hard to say if it was due to not eating sugar. Other than this I didn’t really experience any negative side effects – slightly disappointed about that actually!

Positive side effects

I’ve slept better, and so has Lana! I think it might be mainly because I haven’t eaten a massive carb-filled dinner or snacked on some banana toast or muesli afterwards…Going to bed feeling really full is just not a good idea – and this is probably the number one thing I will take away from this experiment. I’ve also felt lighter and the scale showed a loss of 0,5kg – although that was never my reason for doing this.

Was it worth it?

No. Mainly because I don’t think 3 days is enough and will make that big of an impact. You should probably do it for at least 21 days in order to reset your tastebuds. I’m still craving sugar, albeit a little less. It didn’t really serve as a mental boost either because I disliked the detox so much and it just made me want to eat anything and everything. I don’t think I’ll ever try such a restricted diet again – I enjoy food way too much!

If I could do it again I would just go straight to what I’m doing after the detox: cutting out refined sugars, opting for whole grain products, consuming less dairy, limiting my fruit intake to 2-3 pieces per day and just trying to make better choices and being more aware in general. Finding healthier substitutes for sugar isn’t easy either, this article with 10 natural alternatives to sugar proves that.

Cake dilemma

I couldn’t have timed going sugar free worse as it’s Lana’s birthday party tomorrow and I’m making two cakes for it – one vegan butternut squash brownie cake and a traditional sponge cake covered with sugar paste. Now I can’t make up my mind about whether I should try the cakes or not…What do you think? It is Lana’s first birthday cake after all…

Here’s a few photos of what I ate during my 3 day sugar detox:


I had 3 eggs with some veg for breakfast. I felt like it was too heavy to have first thing in the morning, plus it goes against my quest to eat more vegan.


For lunch I had red lentils mixed with sweetcorn and roasted seeds. It was actually quite nice, and filling too. (For about an hour.)


Dinner one evening consisted of quinoa with roasted pepper and butternut squash accompanied by red pepper hummus and a butter bean dip. Although apparently both pepper and butternut squash are fruits and therefore should’ve been on the forbidden-list I guess?! Do this test to see if you know your fruits from your vegetables!


Another dinner was made up by prawns, quinoa and spinach, roasted fennel and asparagus and hummus again…This was actually very nice!


And here’s the vegan butternut squash brownie I made and really want to try 🙂 I made Matthew try it, but he wasn’t too clear about whether it was nice or not…Which makes me think it wasn’t!

Will let you know how my new sugar free life is going in a few weeks’ time!

x Nina x