Our Sunday: Brunch with Kids, Kombucha & Friends

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finn and bear restaurant edinburgh

We have survived Snowmageddon and now enjoying lovely brown and yellow slush instead. The struggle has been real as the milk and bread shelves in supermarkets have been empty for days (plenty of veggies left though haha), we’ve had no mail for almost a week now and no buses for a few days last week, which meant Matthew worked from home for 3 days. 

I’ve been quite amused by the chaos caused by a little bit of snow in this country, but have to say it wasn’t fun when our boiler pipe froze on Wednesday and caused a blockage which stopped the damn thing from heating up our flat. Matthew braved the snow storm and ventured out to pour some hot water on the pipe, but luckily our boiler guy was out on a call nearby and came and fixed it within hours! It was already cold with the heating on, so I was NOT looking forward to a freezing night!

Anyway, last weekend Matthew’s dad kindly borrowed us his car again, so we could do our weekly shop and head out for brunch to the new Edinburgh hipster hotspot Finn & Bear by the Shore in Leith. Here are a few photos from yesterday:

Maya was waking up a bit more last week but seems to be back on track again having slept 10 hours with only one feed (just in time for more vaccinations today…) She’s been grabbing things for a few weeks now and putting everything straight into her mouth – or at least clumsily trying to.

After having a relaxed morning we got in the car to do some food and essentials shopping at B&M and Lidl. I don’t know if it’s a bit sad that we actually enjoy doing stuff like this now that Matthew can drive haha. I’m sure the novelty will wear off soon though!

After having stocked up on toiletries, kitchen rolls and bread (plenty of it in Lidl!) we headed to recently opened Finn & Bear for some brunch. On the way we bumped into someone who didn’t survive Snowmageddon…Lana’s first reaction was that it must’ve come down the chimney (we had a seagull fall down our chimney straight into the fire a few months ago), but then convinced herself that he was only sleeping…Cutie.

Finn & Bear is by the people who own The Pantry in Stockbridge, so we knew it would be nice. Plus the name is awesome of course 😀

The decor was a refreshing mix of cosy pub and hipstery cafe.

Maya falls asleep straight away when you put her in a car, but decided to wake up for some food and chats when we got inside.

Isn’t she the cutest baby ever <3 (A statement coming from a very objective source haha.)

We caved in and bought Lana a reduced pack of wannabe lego figures which kept her entertained for a good while.

Lana picked out pappa from the bunch. As you can see we’re talking really good quality here…

My Glaswegian kombucha arrived and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful bottle – but unfortunately the drink itself didn’t taste of much. Style over substance I would say.

I got a scoby (a kombucha fungus) from a friend and have been fermenting my own tea for a few weeks now. But if I’m honest I’ve been too scared to try it…Just look at that thing! It’s grown so much that I don’t know if it’s safe. Any kombucha experts out there??

Try and forget about the previous image and take a look at our food! Matthew had the eggs Benedict with salmon and I had the sweet potato fritter with halloumi (they forgot about it so it arrived later), courgette, Venezuelan guacamole, chilli and roasted tomatoes.

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal but Matthew said his food was average (hence the sour face?!). We got avocado toast for Lana that she refused to eat even though she loves avocado and toast. The sourdough bread Matthew and Lana had was amazing btw!

Just moments before kicking over that table.

I was wearing my new belt I really like although it isn’t something I’d normally go for. Or maybe it is, I don’t know?!

Once home again, our tanned friends who just spent a month in South East Asia came over for a visit. Not sure what is going on here!

We realised that Maya looked just like Tupac with that headband haha!

The rest of the night was spent Skyping my folks and watching Gomorrah – an Italian mafia series set in Naples. We needed something similar to try and fill the huge void that 6 seasons of the Sopranos left in our hearts.

If Maya doesn’t get any bigger side effects from her vaccination today I think I might head out for an EP launch of a Finnish artist called Aino Elina this Wednesday evening – would be the first time I’m away from Maya…Let’s see what happens!

Have a fantastic week everybody!

x Nina x