A Sunny Weekend in April

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Hi from a sunny Edinburgh! This weekend has really felt like spring – especially since it was warm enough to get out my spring coat 🙂 I’m quite excited about April as I’ve got so much to look forward to! Next weekend I’m going on a girls’ trip to Stockholm, which means I’ll be spending the night away from Lana for the first time :O Well actually two nights! Will be very interesting to see how that goes

The weekend after it’s our 4th anniversary, so we’ve booked a table at Aizle – a new restaurant that doesn’t have a menu at all since they only use seasonal ingredients. Can’t wait. The weekend after that my parents are finally coming to visit, so I look forward to showing Edinburgh to them!

I’ve also got some fun work stuff that same weekend, but I’ll tell you more about that another time. Last but not least, the sixth season of Game of Thrones starts on April 25th, woohoo! Anyway, here’s a few photos from our weekend.


On Saturday we were invited for a late lunch at Matthew’s brother and his girlfriend’s place in Newington. Since the weather was so nice we decided to walk the whole way, passing the magnificent castle on the way!


I wanted to check out yet another Scandi cafe that’s opened up in Quartermile next to the Meadows called Söderberg. All these Scandi places are making me feel more at home here 🙂


We had coffees and obviously had to try their cinnamon buns…Both very nice, and an extra plus goes to the Swedish-speaking staff!


We continued our walk and passed this field of daffodils I just had to take a photo of. Matthew suggested we put Lana in there and let her run around – a terrible idea I quickly shot down!


We finally arrived at Matthew’s brother’s place and got to sit right down at the table for a delicious vegan meal.  Lana was fascinated by that old school phone – strangely enough she knew how to use it straight away although we only have mobile phones at home…


The piano was also interesting. I took Lana to the dermatologist again last week for a 6-month check-up, and the doctor said he thinks she’s got eczema. I think so too, but I also suspect it’s certain foods that trigger it. Matthew took Lana swimming earlier in the morning, which Lana’s skin definitely didn’t like – so it’s also external factors that make her skin worse. Poor wee thing 🙁 I really hope it’s something she’ll grow out of!


Last night was pretty bad with Lana keeping me awake once again, so Matthew let me sleep in until 10.30. Bliss! Otherwise it’s been a very typical Sunday for us: we’ve done the weekly shop, cleaned a little, Matthew’s made fishcakes, we’ve both gotten some work done when Lana was napping, I went for a run in the lovely spring sun, Lana and I skyped with my folks and now I’m blogging.

How was your weekend?

x Nina x