Supereasy Pattern for Knitting Your Own Hat

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I just finished knitting a hat for my mum and it only took a few days. Since the pattern was so easy and it’s something even a beginner could knit, I thought I should share it here. Because I’m sure many of you would like to try knitting something right?! A perfect skill to pick up just before Christmas as well.

knitting pattern for hat for beginnerseasy beanie knitting for beginners

The hat is of a very simple ribbed design – exactly what I like. You could always add a bobble on top if you wanted to make it a bit more interesting. It is also knitted with chunky yarn and size 6 needles, which means it’s quicker to finish. The best thing about the hat is that because it’s very soft and stretchy it fits both the girls and myself! On Maya and Lana it’s obviously a little bit loser, but it stays on perfectly and just gives them a trendy look. I will be making more of these, and I’ve actually started one already with some chunkier Drops Andes dusty pink yarn I already had in my knitting bag – see the last photo.

You’ll need:

  • circular needle size 6mm and 40 cm long
  • double pointed needles size 6
  • 2 balls of Drops Sky yarn (or 100g of alternative)
  • big blunt sewing needle


circular needle vs double pointeddrops sky yarn lavendel

A few things to consider:

You can also knit the whole hat with double pointed needles, but it’s easier to use circular needles. You can use circular needles for most of the pattern and only change to double pointed ones when the stitches have decreased so much that they don’t fit on the circular needle anymore.

Using Drops yarns is easy as they all belong to a certain yarn group. This pattern asks for yarn group B + B or D. B is a thinner yarn, so you need to use two strands of yarn at once. (Very easy to do in case you’re wondering.) Alternatively you can just choose a chunkier yarn to begin with. Drops sky is a really lovely, lightweight blend of baby alpaca and merino wool that I would recommend though.

double stranded knitting

The pattern includes three different sizes; S/M – L/XL – XXL/XXXL. I think the sizes are a bit misleading since neither my or my girls heads are of a size XXL/XXXL! I tend to knit tightly and I’ve noticed that the smaller sizes are usually too small when I make them, so that’s why I went for the biggest one this time.

On you’ll find loads of free patterns in many different languages, as well as tutorial videos. You can search for patterns based on what yarn you have, what you want to knit and what yarn group you have. I keep returning to for patterns as it’s so easy when you know exactly what yarn you need and since Drops yarns are sold widely. Plus they’re good, not too expensive and come in lovely colours!

drops andes yarn dusty pink

Feel free to get in touch if you need help. Good luck!

x Nina x