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18 weeks pregnant

Some of you might have noticed that my blog has been dead for over two months…Some of you might have stayed awake at night wondering what’s going on. Well no need to wonder anymore as I have finally decided that it’s time to reveal the reason for my absence: I’m pregnant! 

Just being pregnant isn’t reason enough to stay quiet – it’s the nausea and fatigue that comes with it. With Lana I was nauseous and tired for about 4 weeks, but with this baby I’m still feeling tired and even slightly nauseous sometimes – at 18 weeks! Not as bad as the first 13-14 weeks but there’s definitely no sign of the energy boost and pregnancy glow I had with Lana. 🙁 Instead I’ve just been bigger right from the start and already sporting quite the bump. (Just felt a wee kick!) Although to be fair, it seems to change from day to day: some days I’m huge and other days half the size…Or that’s how it feels at least!

I’m still not sure if I’m ready to get back into blogging – it’s been quite nice to just watch TV and read books in the evenings and not feel like I need to publish a blog post. At least I’ll do posts about my parents’ and friends’ recent visits and then see how it feels. Oh and obviously I want to compare my second belly to my first pregnancy belly!

Lana knows that there is a baby in mamma’s belly and often kisses my bellybutton and says hello baby (she seems to think that’s the way to the baby haha). She also asks if she can take the baby out and hold it <3 She’ll be such a great big sister.

On June 12th I’ll have my second scan and hopefully find out the sex of the baby. Although I’m already convinced it’s another girl…Not that I care what the sex is, I’ve just felt from the start that it’s a girl! (And that’s what a recent Tarot card session also said…)

Tomorrow it should be 25 degrees and sunny so will try to get to a beach with Lana as we probably won’t see temperatures like that again this summer…

x Nina x

PS. Feels good to be back!

PPS. My hair is a mess…

PPPS. Aaargh the published photos are drained of colour again and really dull! 🙁 Please someone help!