5 Things that Make Me Happy this Week

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Can’t believe I’m here, blogging again! 3 posts in 4 days must be some kind f a record of mine. But hey, when I feel inspired to blog I just want to go with it – cause there will be plenty of times I won’t feel like sharing anything. Thankfully I don’t answer to anybody and can choose to blog whenever and whatever I want!

Lana's New Toy

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As Lana has been a very alert baby who needs a lot of stimulation right from the beginning we have resorted to different toys to keep her occupied at least some of the time. When she turned 3 months a few days ago she was finally old enough to try her doorway jumper – and as you can see it was a winner 🙂

3 Months of Being a Mum

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First of all; Happy Finnish Mother’s Day to my dear mother and all the wonderful Finnish mothers I know!

Thought it would be nice to put down some thoughts about what motherhood has been like up until now – Lana was 3 months old yesterday. It seems like a good time as I’m now finally starting to feel that things have settled down and I feel a bit more in control…I also feel like I’m back to normal both physically and mentally. Plus it’s Mother’s Day of course 🙂