4 Weeks Old Lana vs Maya

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When Lana was 4 weeks old I took some photos of her and wrote this blog post – so now that Maya is 4 weeks old too I naturally want to do the same, so that I can compare! It was funny reading the blog post as I could pretty much just copy and paste most of it – that’s how similar my girls have been in their 4 first weeks.

A 15-Month Update

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I realised the other day that I haven’t written a Lana-update for ages so one is definitely due. She just turned 15 months, which sometimes feels like such a lot and sometimes like so little. Sometimes I think she looks huge and sometimes she looks like a wee baby. One thing is for sure though, she’s perfect! 

10 Month Update

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My wee frog is 10 months today, and to celebrate it she decided to sleep a whole 7 hours straight last night without waking up! She only woke up 2 times altogether – which is less than she’s done in a looong time. Please please please let this be the beginning of a new era!!

My Baby Is 9 Months Old!

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We’ve reached another milestone: Lana’s now been on this earth the same amount of time she spent in my womb. Although it feels like she’s been here for a lot longer than that! She’s still such a sunny little character who keeps surprising us every day. 

My Big Little Girl

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It is crazy how time flies when you watch your children grow. My little girl is now 7 months old. 7 months! I didn’t expect her to be so “big” already – I thought I would have that little helpless baby to care for for a bit longer. Instead I now have this big little girl who’s crawling, standing up, sitting up, eating (or well, trying to…), “talking”, teething and who’s just so brave and independent already!

A Little Girl In A Big Bed

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At almost 5 months Lana is now too big for her moses basket, so we’ve finally moved her to her massive cot bed where she can roam around with her little plush friends. At the moment she’s still so excited about being in her new bed that she’s started waking up to play in the middle of the night…She falls back asleep on her own though and I’m sure it’s just temporary, so I’m not too worried!

4 Months Old

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It has hit both Matthew and I how much Lana has grown all of a sudden – for a long time I thought she looked pretty much the same, but now she’s starting to look more and more like a little girl. The past few weeks have been very exciting as Lana has started rolling over, grabbing and mouthing things, sitting up with support and showing even more interest in her surroundings and intensely observing the people around her.

4 Weeks Old Today!

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4 week old baby smiling

With four whole weeks of mumhood behind me today, I can honestly say that it’s been amazing and actually even easier than I expected! (I might have to eat my words on this one further on though…) We’ve been keeping a close eye on Lana’s development, and I can’t describe how rewarding it is to see her starting to smile and laugh – and today I even managed to snap a few photos 🙂

Say Hello to Baby Lana

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It’s been a bit quiet at my end lately, but for a very good reason: our daughter Lana Elise was born a week ago on Monday the 9th of February. She’s a healthy 4 kg baby with a good set of lungs and we’re as proud as parents can be. I feel like I haven’t been able to stop staring at my little girl all week and every time I turn around I see Matthew taking yet another photo of her 🙂