Visiting The Kelpies & Culross Village

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We’ve had a great weekend; there’s been sunshine and blue skies and we’ve been driving around in a car on our OWN now that Matthew can drive. This newly found freedom of being able to just get in a car and go wherever we like without having to pack as light as possible and figure out which buses or trains to take is amazing.

A Wednesday on the Beach

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I always go on about all the things that are better in Finland, but one thing that is definitely better here in the UK is that spring comes so much earlier and you can spend a day on the beach in February. And Scottish beaches are also very pretty!

Saturday Day Trip to Gullane

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Last Saturday was really warm, so we decided to go somewhere for the day and spotted the little coastal town of Gullane on Guardian’s top ten list of day trips from Edinburgh. It’s supposed to be less than an hour away from Edinburgh, but the journey there took us around 1,5 hours – the bus ride back was a lot quicker though.