Finally here!

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Lana and I survived the flight (already dreading flying alone with two small kids!) and arrived in Helsinki safely at 23.25 on Wednesday evening. My mum and dad picked us up and 45 minutes later we were in Porvoo and Lana started exploring the house and the toys – so we didn’t go to bed until 2am, which I think we’re both still feeling the consequences of!

Yet Another Finland Holiday

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I feel like I’ve done hundreds of these ‘holiday in Finland’ blog posts (probably because I have) but here we go again! This time we spent only two weeks in my motherland, and I have to say that it felt a bit too short – three weeks seems to be the optimal time. It was another good holiday, very relaxing this time with less plans and the cold weather keeping us inside more.

Time to Say Goodbye (again)

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As always, time went extremely fast and our Finland holiday has come to an end. There’s always a lot of mixed feelings involved as I obviously miss Matthew and having our little family intact but feel so at home here in Finland with my family here that I wouldn’t mind staying for longer. Both Lana and I are very comfortable here and she’s enjoying spending time with her mommo and mofa – although she insists on calling them both mommo (granny) 🙂

Snow & Beach

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Tomorrow Lana and I are flying to Finland for the 5th time within a year, this time to attend my grandmother’s funeral unfortunately. It’s safe to say that flying with a baby/toddler has almost become a routine and I’m getting pretty good at it! Packing gets easier each time as does the whole logistics of the journey. What I’m dreading though is the flight itself and how I’ll be able to entertain a toddler who just wants to walk around…

Fourth Week In Finland

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Another happening week in Moominland is over. Matthew arrived on Tuesday, so Lana’s been reunited with her dad after two weeks apart. We’ve met some relatives, had some great meals out, been to Ikea (before Matthew arrived – lucky him) visited a housing fair, done a bit of shopping, played tennis and gone for several runs, mingled with the tourists in my own town and had an amazing brunch with friends I haven’t seen for ages!