This is Why I Moved to Finland

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Warm summer days on an island surrounded by friends and their kids – what more could you ask for?! Matthew even suggested we buy ourselves an island to build a house on, Lana was so busy she didn’t have time to eat and Maya loves it when stuff is happening around her – so it’s fair to say we all enjoyed our day in the Finnish archipelago!

“You Young Mums Are so Beautiful”

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Last summer I spent a day in Helsinki with Lana, and as the flat my mum owns is near the sea we headed to the beach first thing. Lana was throwing rocks in the sea and I was watching her when a man who was leaving walked past and said “you young mothers are just so beautiful”.

A Night in the Archipelago

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When the November darkness and rains prevail it’s nice to dig into some summer memories. This will be another TBT post, this time from our short stay at a friend’s summer cottage on an island in the beautiful Finnish archipelago. There was a proper 40-day heatwave in Finland last summer, but we arrived literally the day it ended. The weather was still comfortably warm (especially when you compare it to Scottish summer weather…), so we had a lovely sunny stay on the island anyway. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos, and the ones I took were with my iPhone, so these will have to do!