6 Less Known Finnish Kids Clothing Brands

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A while back I wrote a blog about 8 cool and ethical Finnish children’s’ clothing brands – and since this post is one of my most read ones and now number one in Google searches I thought I’d write another one where I include some of the less known brands I like as well! And this way spread the word about Finnish craftsmanship and maybe even inspire someone to invest in quality over quantity 🙂 

8 Cool & Ethical Finnish Kids Clothing Brands

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As you might know by now I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian design – and this love also extends to children’s clothing. In the UK you’ll usually find a clear divide between the sexes, with blue for boys and pink for girls. If there are unisex clothes it’ll be boring white most of the time. I always struggle to find clothes I like for Lana and Maya – and especially durable and practical yet stylish clothes that will keep my girls warm and dry. And prints that I like are also hard to find! But who knows, I probably just haven’t been looking hard enough.