Traumatised For Life

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I know the headline is a bit dramatic, but that’s truly how I feel after a 10-hour journey with a 2-month and a 2-year old. Don’t know what I was thinking booking a non-direct flight with a two-hour stopover at London Heathrow – but that will NEVER happen again, no matter what it’ll cost me. And actually just yesterday they announced Finnair is going to start flying direct Helsinki-Edinburgh all year round! 

We’re Back!

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…and we’re back safely in the motherland. Seems like we only just left – which I guess we did! It’s good to be back though, especially in autumn – my favourite season. 

First Week In Finland

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We’ve been in Finland for a week already, with Matthew returning home to Edinburgh very early on Monday morning. Again, Lana was great on both flights and charmed everyone, including two cute little boys (is this how it’s going to be – flirting with all the boys whenever she gets a chance?!)