A Day in Helsinki with the Adams Family

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It’s been a month since Matthew’s family visited, so it’s about time I get the second post about their stay up on the blog! They only had two full days with us; one of them was spent in my home town Porvoo and the other one in Helsinki where we live now. I’ve slept around 3-4 hours per night lately, so I will keep it short and hopefully don’t write anything incoherent…Let’s go!

Helsinki Vertical

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Helsinki cathedral

Some of you might remember my blog post from last summer where we were trying out my brother’s new drone camera? My brother’s clearly been practising a fair deal after that,

Missing Helsinki

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I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t been to Helsinki for a year and therefore was seeing it through new eyes, but it was sooo nice to be back this summer, and the city has never looked so beautiful. I had really been looking forward to showing the city I (more or less) lived in from the age of 19 to 28 to Matthew. He seemed to appreciate Helsinki and kept going on about how good-looking the people were. I completely agree 🙂