A Good Day

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Runebergs tart

Today has been a good day. Nothing special has happened but still. Maybe it was the vibes from the chilled out Sunday we had that carried over to Monday or maybe it’s just that a few things have transpired that I’m happy about and others that I’m really looking forward to.

Everyday Life

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Just thought I’d come here and ramble a little bit about what’s happening in our everyday life. I enjoy reading about those mundane everyday things in other blogs and think there could be more of that here too – especially since I do enjoy writing about it. Or what do you think??

Home for Christmas

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On last week’s Monday I posted the passport applications for Maya and Lana (apparently she needs a new one as you can’t tell it’s her from the old photo…) and couldn’t believe my eyes when they arrived on that same Friday! That meant I could book our flights to Finland for me and the girls before the prices became too insane. Yay!