Day Out in The Hermitage Forest & Dunkeld Village

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Hallelujah, we finally have our Internet back after one week of suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms. We made it out stronger on the other side though and normal life can resume again. This also means I can post some photos from our much needed forest walk to the Hermitage in Dunkeld. 

The Villa

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This place brings back a lot of memories. Me and my twin brother have spent many days and nights here with my grandmother when we were kids. We used to go out on our little rubber boat and swim even though there was lots of seaweed in the water that I didn’t like. I also remember picking blueberries in the surrounding forests. There was no tap water or toilet inside but we didn’t mind. It was a bit like an adventure staying there.

Before Snow

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I took my camera with me on our walk the other day, thinking I’d probably not use it anyway as nature is pretty bleak and dead at the moment – but I ended up taking quite a few photos! This is definitely not my favourite time of year, but I guess there is beauty in all this greyness too. Rugged beauty. I still hope there will be snow very soon – and I think that’s what mother nature is waiting for too.

Autumn in Scotland

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First of all I have some good news; my little nephew finally arrived last Saturday, can’t wait to meet him! Have to wait a couple of months though, until we go to Finland again 🙁 We decided to celebrate Christmas here (partly because the flights were so expensive) and New Year in Finland, so this will be my first British Christmas 🙂 If anyone knows of any New Year parties in Porvoo or Helsinki do let me know!

Cows & Rams

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Hi all!

Yet another week has gone by so quickly that it almost scares me…

Anyhoo, work is getting busier every day as the company keeps growing at a speed so fast that we’re running out of desks to sit at. We’ve gotten quite a few new clients on board lately which is a good thing, but can soon make us swamped with work unless we get more new people. Our client base is really varied, I do online marketing stuff for companies that sell shoes, energy chewing gum, cleaning services, garden rooms, storage space, IT services, jewellery, pest control services, promote wedding bands etc.