New Hair & An Old Dress

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Recently I reached a point where I felt I just couldn’t look at my hair anymore and booked an appointment at local M.U.K.A.V.A hairdresser for the following day. It’s only around 3 months since my last visit, but my hair has grown really quickly and there are lots of annoying baby hairs coming through. Lovely post-pregnancy problems!

OOTD – My Granny’s Top

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It’s been a loooong time since I’ve done an Outfit Of The Day post, for obvious reasons. I’m still not back to my pre-Maya body, but slowly starting to feel more and more like my old self – and feeling more confident. This has also resulted in me buying a few new pieces for my wardrobe, such as the culotte trousers I’m wearing and the rattan bag.

OOTD – Tired Mum Outfit (+ Best Leggings Ever)

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I haven’t been sleeping that well lately as I just find myself not being able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours after Maya wakes up for her first feed. She’s still sleeping well though, usually 5 hours, then a feed and another 5 hours. Can’t complain! But you probably know how it is when you’re tired; you just want to be comfortable and can’t be bothered putting too much effort into your outfit – so that’s the kind of outfit we’re talking about today!

OOTD: Baby Belly in a Babydoll Dress

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Lately we’ve had days where it’s been warm enough to wear only a summer dress, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this rare treat! This baby blue dress is from Zara and even though it’s not from the maternity section it easily fits my baby belly. I feel it’s quite flattering and hides the bump fairly well – and most importantly it makes me feel pretty.

Christmas Gift For Myself

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the lab copenhagen

As the chocolate festival last Saturday was a huge disappointment there was plenty of time to take a few photos of my new coat instead – this time with my friend Zain behind the camera! I’ve been looking for a stylish, classic dark camel coat for ages without finding one I like or within my price range. My plan was to hunt one down on our trip to Copenhagen, but that didn’t happen due to several reasons…

OOTD: Pleated Midi Skirt

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A few weeks ago we visited a pop-up expo consisting of pavilions designed by five different European cities. The expo was a part of the Scotland-wide Festival of Architecture that is celebrated throughout 2016 with various different events, exhibitions, tours and walks. Whilst there I realised that my outfit reflected the earthy colours of the wood, so I asked Matthew to take a few photos.

OOTD: Patterned Mini Skirt

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Spring has gotten to me once again and I’ve just HAD to purchase a few new items…Such as this patterned monochrome skirt I found in Zara. Unfortunately I got it in a size too big – but guess it’s more suited for work being a bit longer haha (new job is another good excuse to go shopping by the way!)

OOTD: Black & White

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I usually associate white with summer and rarely wear it in winter – but it’s actually the perfect colour to brighten up a dark and rainy day! And trust me, we’ve got loads of them here…The combination of black and white also always works, doesn’t it? Simple and stylish me thinks!

OOTD: Green Turtleneck

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I still remember a lovely light grey/blue turtleneck jumper I had around 10 years ago, and now wish I had saved it even though I thought I’d never wear a turtleneck again! But somehow history always repeats itself and here I am dressed in one – and very much liking it. Especially the lovely dark green colour. They’re so practical too, keeping you warm in the windy and cold Burgh 🙂