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18 weeks pregnant

Some of you might have noticed that my blog has been dead for over two months…Some of you might have stayed awake at night wondering what’s going on. Well no need to wonder anymore as I have finally decided that it’s time to reveal the reason for my absence: I’m pregnant! 

My Second Trimester

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Ok guys, more boring preggo stuff in this post – just warning you!

As I did a First Trimester post I thought I should probably do one for my second trimester too. Some sources say that the third trimester starts at 26 weeks, others 27 and some 28, so decided that I’m going to go with 27 weeks for my trimester. As promised by all the pregnancy info that’s out there, the past three months have been very easy and I’ve even felt more energetic than usual. Maybe I’ve been lucky too, but if this is what being pregnant is then I don’t mind having more children at all 🙂

The First Trimester

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Hi all,

Thought I’d write a post about my first trimester, for those of you who are interested in pregnancy stuff and for my own future reference as it will be nice to have something in writing about the pregnancy later on. As I’m writing this half-way through the second trimester (at 20 weeks) we already know the sex of the baby…It’s a little girl!! There’s no way I could keep it to myself, but we’ll try to at least not reveal the name we decide on before the birth! We’re both so excited, and don’t think it’s even sunk in properly yet. Both of our families are more boy-heavy, so a little girl is definitely a welcome addition. 🙂

Pregnancy bellies
This is from the beginning of the 2nd trimester, at 15 weeks or so. A bit of a difference in the belly sizes! The little girl in the big belly arrived a week ago. 🙂

I'm Back and I've Got News!

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Finnish Archipelago Pellinge

Hi all!

It’s been a while…2,5 months to be exact! I guess I had a bit of a blogging holiday, but there is a reason behind why…Not sure how to reveal big news on a blog, so will just bluntly say it: we’re having a baby in February!! Yup, we’re going to be parents – still don’t think I’ve quite realised what I’ve actually gotten myself into. But we’re both very happy and find it hard to wait another 5 months until we’ll get to meet the little one. We already got given some lovely baby clothes by a friend in Finland, thank you Diana & Pete! Can’t believe he or she will actually fit into these tiny clothes though…