Raw Vegan Chocolate Truffles

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I’m always looking for healthy treats/snacks that are quick and easy to make and give me a sweet fix without all that extra junk – and don’t contain a long list of random ingredients! When I came across this recipe I immediately thought it could be a winner, and it’s definitely something I’ll make again and again – especially since you can vary the recipe so easily.

Sprouting is easy!

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Something I’ve wanted to try for a long time, but thought to be very complicated is growing my own sprouts instead of paying loads for them in the shop. After reading a blog post by my former uni friend now turned raw foodist I realised how easy it is. I’ve used green lentils, but you can basically use any seeds. In general, any plant from which you might eat the stems and leaves is a good option for sprouting. (Apparently you should use seeds specifically labelled ‘sprouting seeds’ since they have been properly cleaned- but as I didn’t know that I just used the lentils you buy in the supermarket.)