Spring in Edinburgh

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First of all: no, I’m not pregnant! The news I mentioned in my last blog post is about me going back to work part-time as the social media manager and content producer for a fabulous local company. Unfortunately I’ll only be working until the end of August, but I’m still happy to be back in the game and look forward to many uninterrupted coffees by my desk! 

Spring in the Botanic Garden

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The Royal Botanic Garden is just a short walk from our front door, and has become my favourite place to go for a walk with Lana during the days – also today. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos with my phone, and thought I might as well share them here so you can see how pretty it is!

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter from a sunny Edinburgh!

We’ve enjoyed sunshine pretty much all week, which means that there are heaps of flowers everywhere (and my pollen allergy is starting to kick in). I’m always making fun of my mum for taking countless photos of flowers, but this time I’m guilty of that myself…So this post will be dedicated to my mum, enjoy!