A Weekend in the Lake District

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After work on the Friday after Lana’s birthday 9 of us got into two cars and started driving towards England and the Lake District. It was a bit of an spontaneous trip as we only started planning it two weeks before, but so glad we all got our sh*t together an made it happen because it was so much fun!

A Weekend in Stockholm with the Girls

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The long awaited girly weekend getaway to Stockholm came and went way too quickly, just like fun things always tend to do. Can’t say I was physically rested after only sleeping a few hours per night, but the trip definitely gave me a mental boost – it’s just so relaxing to spend time with people from your own little town that speak the same dialect and that you’ve known for so long! 

My Weekend in London

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Hello from a sunny Edinburgh!

It was almost a year ago since I moved to Edinburgh from London, and only now did I visit for the first time –  it had been way too long if you ask me! It was so nice to be back, and I instantly felt like home and as I hadn’t left at all. Must confess I have missed the London buzz!